Things to know before hiring an event planner

Once you hire a planner for your upcoming events, it is similar as hiring a new worker. They are going to be your helper, your coworker, your manager and your friend all through the planning procedure to confirm the event is great. You have to ask the correct questions to find the best fit for your Festa.

  • At start, you have to inquire what type of events they organize mostly. There are different types of parties and you have to confirm to find an Event planning milano planner that has knowledge with the type you wish to put on. Requesting about the events they have organized before offers you insight into their experience and qualifications.
  • As per on the agency’s size, the person you discuss with while meeting may not be the same you are working with all through the process. Inquire if you will be doing work with the interviewee and, in case not, who will you are functioning with. You have to understand as a good connection with the Feste planner is crucial.
  • Request about all included services in their cost and what added costs you can expect. Most of the planners are honest about their charges but some presume that you know what types of services are included. Confirm that you get a whole list of everything integrated in the cost along with services which will be extra. It will assist keep away from going over budget.
  • A few Parties planners will have a set limit on how many calls and meetings they will organize. It is vital to know this number thus you can make out your own schedule.
  • Check the staff size that will be assisting them on the event day. It is vital if you have a huge event being arranged. When a Festa planner is on the event site, they will be inquired about every single concern, no issue how irrelevant. In case your event has different moving parts, confirm your planner has a helper that will help handle the smaller event’s details.

It is even vital to inquire their refund and cancellation policy. Things can arise that are beyond your management, causing you to change, postpone or cancel a huge part of your event. Know terms of planner and the vendor’s terms that will be hired.

Normally, the planner will cost for all hours and used services until a cancellation or change occurs. They even normally charge for all purchases that have previously been chosen, including vendors. Though, every agreement will be somewhat different, so confirm you know all the details before signing with an event planner.


Finally, every event planner must have portfolio or references of past events they have organized. Request to check it and confirm that they have it available on demand. Though the event planner is new, they must have a complete event’s list they have planned and worked for other agencies or companies.


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