The Top Trending Videos Of Tamil Cinema

Kollywood never fails to disappoint the film lovers and always presents interesting movies which make each year a fabulous one. They offer marvelous entertainment and make some great movies which people can enjoy. Whether it is in the art houses or multiplexes, the Tamil film industry offers a bounty of amazing movies to the filmgoers. There are some movies which leave back great effects on the minds of the people. It is great to see some specific scenes or dialogues that you like in the movies in the form of videos even after a long time. It can be short comedy clips from the movie which can instantly make you play the video and enjoy it.

Here are some Tamil cinema trending videos which are going viral over the online networks.


  • The Top Mass Scenes Of Tamil Movies From 2016: This video with above 1k views is just burning the YouTube channel. The industry has gifted people with many wonderful movies in the year 2016 among which they most loved ones are Kabali, Sethupathi, Theri, Uriyadi and 24. You can just sit back and enjoy the punch scenes of the movies. Kabali has been one of the best movies of the year 2016 which is definitely due to the presence of Rajnikanth. His real acting talents never fail to overwhelm the audience. Sethupathi is another movie which had offered the audience everything starting from comedy to romance. So, go ahead and enjoy the scenes to relive the movies once again.
  • The Tamil Collection In The Box Office For 2017: This video gives you a flash of the movies that are a must watch for this year. It also shows how much business the movies have bagged. You can get some ideas of real good Tamil movies from the video. It is short and crisp and keeps you updated on the latest releases.
  • The Movie Lens: The story of the movie is quite interesting. It offers the viewers an important message and shows how the line that must be in between the public and private life is going on shrinking slowly. It is a thrilling movie and a worth watch for everyone to witness as to what can happen over the internet. The movie trailers are getting viral over the YouTube channel. The reviews have also been good and the movie showcases that it is high time that the society becomes aware of the dangers of hacking.
  • The Best Villain Clips In Tamil Cinema: This is another latest trending videos of the Tamil industry which is catching the attention of several viewers around the globe. The actors portraying the villain roles in the movies perform outstandingly to give them a new dimension. They compel the audiences to hate them like hell with their marvelous acting talents. Movies like Billa, Thani Oruvan, etc. have some amazing villain appearances which have left marks in the minds of the people.
  • Top Funny Tamil Movie Scenes: This video can be really relaxing and fun to watch when you wish to chill out. It is a compilation of the funny scenes from the various Tamil movies which the industry has made over the years.


The top five latest videos are all entertainment packages made for the viewers to browse through. You get to enjoy different flavors of movies by watching them.

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