The Three Most Common Plumbing Problems Homeowners Face!

Plumbing problem can occur at any time anywhere in your home, and it may appear in your kitchen as well as in the bathroom. The common plumbing repairs can be handled easily. For many homeowners, those problems will be issued in the form of plumbing repairs, which cannot be fixed quickly, especially if the problem lies in the area that is not readily available or it is the time-consuming job then it is the time to call in the professionals for Plumbing Repairs Walton On Thames.


1. Pipe/Tap Leaks:

The pipe leakage or valve leakage can be visible or invisible. The most “visible signs” of a leakage are often the collection of water under the sink or on the next floor area or even by the presence of a dirty mark on a ceiling tile on the floor above. While in the case of “Invisible signs” that you might have a leaky hosepipe could include low water pressure to a fixture or a fixture may stop working during some blockage. Whatever the problem you have, you will need to call a professional to fix it as soon as possible.


Once the plumber has inspected the area of the problem, the next step is to track a possible source of the leak, followed by turning off the main water supply source. It will enable them to work in the area of leak, repair or replace what is broken inside or outside the pipe and then turn the water supply back “On” for testing. Usually, it takes a few hours to repair, if that, and once finished, should not have to repeat the process for some time.


2. Fixture Repair:

The “fixture” repair is the act of repairing or replacing a broken fixture, like a taps, showerhead or even a toilet. When this is needed, it will also require more time to finish, plus higher costs regarding service charges and parts. Some plumbing issues might even need the services of an additional plumber, but when to consider the cost of doing it yourself, in time and expertise, it is worth it.


3. Unclogging Drains:

When there are a host of products on the market that can unblock a drain, not all of them are appropriate for use on all plumbing systems, especially if you live in a non-standard housing unit, like a trailer. The drains used in containers are of a different standard than grade house pipes and may be broken by the harsh chemicals. And, if the clog is much thicker, the chemicals you may use will not take care of it all and a professional plumber will need to be called to take out it anyway.


If your pipes are totally blocked and are backing up a sink or tub, call professionals for Plumbing Repairs Walton On Thames, because these issues are more extensive than you might realize. This kind of plumbing repairs can be avoided by doing some simple drain maintenance, like monitoring what goes down it and preventing anything like hair or grease to go in.

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