The roof insulation from inside protects against moisture and heat loss!

How to effectively protect your house with a roof insulation from the inside against heat loss and moisture and what methods of insulation are available to you, read here.

Sometimes there is some uncertainty about the differences between insulation and insulation. While the insulation is aimed at a complete, i.e. one hundred per cent, partition between the interior of the roof and the exterior, the insulation allows for a certain exchange. The roof insulation, for example, aims to provide complete protection against penetrating moisture, while the roof insulation, on the other hand, protects to a high degree against loss of heat , without, however, guaranteeing a complete demarcation.

Irrespective of these small but subtle conceptual differences, important aspects of roof insulation from the inside are described below against moisture and heat loss.

Roof insulation from the inside – Protection against moisture

In order to prevent the diffusion of moisture into the thermal insulation, roof insulation is carried out with the aid of a steam brake or a steam barrier. On the heated side of the thermal insulation layer, a film or cardboard is installed which protects the insulation material from penetration of water vapor and mold.

Information about Under Roof Insulation

Vapor barrier

A vapor barrier is aimed at creating a completely diffusion-tight layer on the insulation material. At first glance, this insulation protects against moisture as much as possible, but experts are increasingly refraining from the installation of steam barriers. Since absolute sealing can be produced in the rarest cases (this is among other things due to cables and pipes which cause the smallest gaps in the film), moisture penetrates into the insulation material. Steam barriers, however, prevent moisture from drying quickly and open door and door damage.

Vapor barrier

Steam brakes absorb a certain amount of moisture in the insulation. Since, however, this can dry in contrast to the steam barrier thanks to the slightly permeable layer, damage is largely prevented. After extensive consultation with an experienced craftsman, we would therefore like to insulate the roof insulation and prevent the roof dripping from the inside and necessitating an expensive renovation.

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