The Lowdown on Cedar Fence

Humans have used fences from the early Greek era for a variety of purposes- keeping sheep in, keeping wolves out, keeping unruly ruffians who want to steal their fruit out, and so on and so forth. They have evolved from just a utility item to an item which is as much a part of the house as is, say, a good paint job. People want their fences to be fashionable and attractive. This is where cedar fence come in.

Cedar wood comes from multiple different trees: the California incense cedar, which is used for making pencils; the Taiwan incense cedar, which is an endangered specie that is used for its fragrant wood; Spanish cedar, used for making cigar boxes and protecting clothing from insects; and the Atlantic white cedar, which is used for building fences and shingles.

Cedar fencing usually does not require any painting over and feel smooth even during monsoons. In fact, they help home owners feel that they have a cedar tree growing in their gardens and not just a cedar fence. In summers too, they endure without any decay. In short, cedar fence have a very long life and are resistant to most forces of nature. It is very eco-friendly and helps give all homes a very natural, untouched look which many home owners crave.

Another major advantage of cedar fence is that their natural properties help them to remain moth free and decay free without needing any treatment. They are durable, and more often than not, are a onetime investment. A big advantage is that these are pitch and resin free. To the layman, this translates to- the fences can be painted and embellished in any way the users want them to be. They are accommodating of all colours and varying shades from dark brown a lighter, more sober shade of white or brown.

There is an increasing trend among home owners- when they say they want a ‘wood’ fence, what they usually mean is that they want a fence made of synthetic materials which have a wood like finish. They think that it is safer and longer lasting than actual wood and become prey to the common misconception that wooden fences get destroyed by termites relatively easier and quicker. This is completely wrong and enthusiasts will tell you that there is nothing like the smell and feel of real wood.

Many companies like North West Cedar Products ( offer customised cedar fences and accommodate different preferences in terms of shapes, sizes, fitting to doors and windows, and so on. These companies take care of their fences right from the planning stage, carrying on to the production stage and all the way to the installation stage.

The benefits of cedar fences summarized are that they are naturally resistant to damage and decay and are dimensionally strong and well constructed. They are also low maintenance and make the house of the user look natural and beautiful.

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