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Container Tracking Script is engaged in providing Shipping Container Booking Services to our clients. This includes all the services regarding shipping of containers. And these can be avail at market leading rates. Container Tracking Script delivers logistics in different weight& specification according to client demand. It delivers logistics in all over the world. It is in 15th years in this business and always trying to full fill the requirement of customer. It is counted as the key solution to meet the packaging requirements in the most efficient and service oriented way. Hence, the complete assortment of packaging for the Pharma, Chemical, Food, Lubricants, Adhesive, & Industrial Oils is provided at one destination. Whole its business is innovative, progressive, self-reliant, service oriented, low cost, and clean and quality conscious outlook.

In its every business activity, sale, purchase, personal development, quality, cleanliness, and service, it relies on its basic philosophy to do continuous improvements as per the experience. It gives importance to the healthy relations in all fields without compromising with honesty. It has chosen the way imbibing the morals of the Indian philosophy as well as culture along with a contemporary and scientific look with full faith, confidence and optimism. Container Tracking Script is able to supply new and used shipping containers for sale or hire, on both long and short term basis throughout world. The range of shipping containers available can include general storage containers, refrigerated shipping containers, dangerous goods containers and self-pack removal containers.

How Does It works?
It can be delivered in several ways. The most cost effective way is to use an onsite forklift capable of moving a shipping container from a flatbed or skel truck. Tilt tray trucks are most often used for 10 and 20ft containers. These unload by tipping the tray and sliding the container off the rear of the truck. A clearance of 3.9m high, 3m wide and at least 25m in length is required so the truck can drive away. A side loader is generally used for 40ft deliveries. The container is dropped to the driver’s side of the truck approx. a metre away from the truck body. Side loaders can also be used for 20ft container movements. For the more difficult placements crane trucks are used which can move all size units to almost any position.
Container services companies can also carry out a wide range of container modifications which can meet any special requirements. Modified cargo and freight containers can be used for such diverse purposes as power sub stations, telecommunication repeaters, natural disaster response facilities, shops, bars, food outlets, marketing displays, and even art galleries.

Ease of Use. Booking and container information can be accessed via an online system or by using automated status reports.
Reports generated by Container Tracking Software Script and its automated reporting system include:
• Notifications of critical action points during shipping
• Shipping status by container
• Transit time reports
• Tracking for multiple carriers
• Monthly or annual volume reports

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