The Hidden Treasures of Bali

Indonesia’s most popular island, Bali is a great holiday destination. If you’re looking for a quiet getaway, then you need to look no further. Take off to Bali for a relaxing time away from home. Luxurious resorts, beaches and exotic spas – you name it, Bali has it! Our Bali packages will put you up at some of the best resorts and takes you to magical places you’ve never seen before. We’ve come up a list of some of the best places to visit on a Bali tour. Check them out!


Tirta Empul Temple

Located in the Tampak Siring village, the temple is visited by many travellers from all over the world. Built in the year 962 AD, the temple is known for the spring water in the centre of the temple that is considered holy by the Balinese people. It’s believed to be holy water that’s meant for self-cleaning (spiritual). Make sure to respect the traditions and customs here and follow the rules and regulations that are to be followed while doing the self-cleaning process.


Tirta Gangga

A palace that belongs to the royal family of Karangasem is known as the ‘Water Palace’. Situated in the Abi village, the scenery here is just marvellous. The park is a mix of Balinese and Chinese styles of architecture. The water park that’s seen today was built in the year 1948. The water from the Tirta (blessed) is regarded holy by the people of Bali.


Ubud Monkey Forest

As the name suggest, the reserve is also a temple complex that houses almost 340 monkeys called the ‘Macaca fascicularis). This popular attraction is a part of the Padangtegal village. Stroll around and admire the different plants and trees that surround the place. Get lost in the quiet and serene and check out the shops and different restaurants along the streets.


Bali Botanica Day Spa

Enjoy a spa experience at the Bali Botanica Spa that’s located amidst beautiful gardens. Javanese architecture and running streams offers a relaxing state of mind. Well-spaced rooms, refreshing showers, and a peaceful ambience make for a good spa experience. Leave the spa feeling connected, happy and relaxed.


With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder than Bali is welcoming more and more tourists every year. Come experience all this and much more when you book your Bali tour packages with us. It’s time to travel and explore!

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