The Great Mauritius Attractions

Adventures, sightseeing, spa treatments and luxury, Mauritius tour packages have it all! We offer a wide range of exciting activities, attractions and tours in Mauritius. So if you’re planning for a beach getaway to these amazing islands, then book with us for the true Mauritian experience.


While you’re getting your itinerary ready, make sure you include these places and experiences on your trip:


La Vallee des Couleurs

A visit to the La Vallee des Couleurs Reserve will take you to lakes, waterfalls, hills, volcanic ashes and much more. Your journey here begins with the exhibition room, where you will get an idea about the places you will see through the visit. Spot different species of birds and animals while you’ll be amazed to see the 23 Coloured Earth at the reserve.


Blue Bay Marine Park

Located near Mahebourg, South East of Mauritius, is one of the spectacular places to catch a glimpse of the rich marine life. Spread over an area of 353 hectares, the blue waters and sandy beaches will certainly give you a glorious experience. Take an underwater boat ride, snorkel or swim, it’s all up to you! Snorkelling here is a great option due to the amazing fauna and flora found below.


Ile Aux Cerfs Island

In for some treetop adventures? Lle Aux Cerfs offers some cool experience – footbridges, zip lines, net hangings and other interesting stuff to get that excitement needed on every trip. You get the option to explore the island on top of trees. It’s something you should try out for some fun as you cross tons of obstacles to reach your destination!


lle Aux Aigrettes Island

A coral island that’s protected by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is another superb spot to explore. It’s an exciting boat trip that takes you to breath-taking sights and helps you get close up with nature. Get set for spotting some rare animals and birds at the island. You’ll be surprised at the spectacular beauty all around.


Le Pouce Mountain

If you’ve got that adventure blood rushing through, a hiking trip up Le Pounce would be an excellent idea. Meet up with a guide at the starting point which is a Commercial Centre of Helvettia, hike up the mountain that’s about 812 metres tall. Scenic views of the Snake Island, Flat Island and Round Island are mesmerising.


A Mauritius package is your best bet when planning to experience the true essence of Mauritius!

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