The Advantages of Vision blinds

More and more interior designers and owners are discovering the many advantages of vision blinds. These newly popular blinds offer an alternative to common, vertical and wood blinds, but they are affordable and give a more rustic look to your theme.

Vision blinds are usually made from raw / natural materials like jute, reeds and grasses. These materials are assembled with bamboo and interwoven into the shades of thin slats. One great advantage of choosing vision blinds is that they are customizable. You may need to adjust to fit an irregular shaped window, or adjust the fabric or color to change the lighting design you want for your room.

In general, vision blinds are earth colored like brown and brown, to maintain a more natural feel. However, if you want a more dynamic design, the blinds can be colored to meet your needs.

Although vision blinds are available in various styles, there are two basic models available. First, there is the roller, which allows you to mount the blinds to adjust the light levels. The second style is the folding design, called the Roman curtain. In this variant, the blinds are divided into folded layers that create a completely different style effect and can also increase sun blockage and insulation.

If you are not satisfied with the amount of light that vision blinds allow, even with the folding design, there is no other solution. Most companies offer the option of adding a layer coated blinds with an increase in light insulation. The vision blinds can be lined or unlined once more, depending on how much light you want to shine. The coating is available that allows you to control the light completely.

Moreover, weaving bamboo also affect the amount of bright light. You can choose a more open fabric for more light, or even sweeter for less. For a more natural look, you can make the edges of the remaining bamboo down and powdered. This also depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

Another advantage of choosing vision blinds is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. With a simple brush with a cloth or a damp cloth, your blinds will be clean and new all the time.

Vision blinds are really an excellent purchase. Not only are they extremely versatile, efficient and easy to clean, they are also greener than most other blind options. This is because bamboo is a sustainable and fast growing resource. This allows bamboo to be widely available and more affordable as well.


Do not spend a fortune on blinds when you have so many opportunities to save money. Choosing vision blinds is a great way to add a unique touch to your home or office without breaking the bank. And with all the different styles and variations available, blinds can be adapted to any room you want to decorate. The advantages are very clear.

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