Terrace Waterproofing – Causes and Methods

Terraces are the most exposed part of the building. Blistering heat, torrential rains, hail and snow storms; harsh weather conditions constantly play havoc, eroding and damaging the terrace and roofs of the houses and buildings.

While little can be done to control the naturally occurring environmental changes, failure to take adequate steps to waterproof the terrace and roofs results in water seepage. Although the damp patches on the ceiling might just be an eye soar, the water leaking through the cracks in roofs and parapet wall robs the building of its structural strength. Timely steps to waterproof the terrace and roof are thus crucial.

As every terrace is unique in its nature, a customized terrace waterproofing solution should be designed to suit the conditions. But before the solution is designed and created, one needs to understand the problem. Terrace waterproof problems may surface in the following ways:

Seepage and leakage in ceiling below the terrace floor – Improper slopes, clogged drainage pipes, cracks and damaged terrace slab make the water stand on the roof tops. Standing water slowly but surely seeps and leaks through the floor below.

Seepage and leakage from sun roofs and parapet walls – As the excess water from the concrete evaporates and the concrete shrinks overtime the roofs and parapet walls begin to develop cracks. Perpendicular joints in sun roofs and parapet walls are most prone to such cracks, causing dampness and leakage.

Cracks in terrace slabs – Differential expansion and contraction characteristics of the concrete on exposure to varied weather conditions leads to the development of cracks in terrace slabs. Clogged drainage pipes and improper slopes, cause the water to stand and seep through these cracks.

Leakage through terrace tiles – Terrace tiles like china chips, clay brick, etc cause terrace waterproofing issues to spur as the multiple tile joints get loose with time, giving way to water to seep through.

A range of terrace waterproofing methods are however available to sort the issue.
* Brick bat coba system or lime terracing
* Bituminous treatment
* Metallic sheet wrapping
* Polyurethane based waterproofing treatment
* Epoxy based waterproofing treatment
* Box-type waterproofing system

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