Technological developments in the 2010s

Quantum computing, renewable energy, electric vehicles, nanotechnology, smartphones, tablets– these are just some of the fields in which the amazing technological developments continues to gather pace each year. And 2010 was no exception. Let’s take a look back at some of the world first breakthroughs that have caught our attention on the past decade.

Top 5 technology firsts of 2010

On January, 3D television was introduced to the world and entered the marketplace. This month saw Panasonic’s introduction of the world’s Full HD 3D camcorder, followed in July by the first 3D consumer camcorder. Who would have known that your own 3D content wasn’t far behind?

Back in May 2010, scientists completed a 15 year research to produce the first self-replicating, synthetics bacterial cell. The quest could lead to engineered bacteria created for specific purposes such as producing biofuels, drugs and other useful chemicals.

Earlier in 2010, New Zealand announced the first commercially-available jet pack. And so many people have been waiting a long time for this one. It is capable of 30 minutes of flight time and is fueled by regular premium gasoline. It can reach heights of 8,000 feet.

In May 2010, U.S. scientists announced the creation of nanobot that can be programmed to walk, start, turn left –right and stop. All these were possible using single-strand DNA molecules. Descendants of spider-like nanobot could be used to treat diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

In April 2010, Apple’s iPad hit the market, on the first day it sold 300,000 units and spurred almost every device producer in the world into the tablet sector.

The best gadgets of the decade

The past decade has released a wide range of electronic devices that make our lives easier. These are a few that have gone above and beyond.

The iPod quickly became a cultural icon. Along with iTunes, it popularized mp3 player and left a hardly cosmetic impact.

Those folding maps were once a staple car accessory and a trip necessity. Now they’re lost to history and are replaced with GPS devices. Drivers let voice-enabled GPS devices take them to their destinations.

An amazing screen, stunning design and great camera combined make it for the best smartphone you can purchase right now. Getting a new smartphone, equipped with the most advanced features, was formerly beyond price. Along with the high-end Samsung and Apple devices, low costs handsets such as smartphone xiaomi, Meizu and other Chinese brands drastically conquered the marketplace the past 4 years.

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