TDS level Range


People often ask what should be the ideal TDS value for drinking water, it should ideally be around 75, anything below 30-35 is unacceptable as it would make the taste bitter and the water would severely lack in minerals. The TDS value gets too less if the input TDS is below 500 the final TDS after passing through membrane will be below 50 (if the membrane is working properly and giving 90% TDS reduction). In such cases it is advisable to use RO system with TDS adjuster (or TDS Controller) and ensure that the technician sets the TDS “Between” 60 – 80 (please don’t be too rigid as it’s now always possible to set the exact TDS value).

In places where the TDS is below 150 you can use only UV water purifiers however it’s still better to use RO+UV+TDS controller model. If the TDS is above 500 you can use only RO purifier without TDS Controller also. For select best ro purifier choose aquafresh water purifier Zirakpur, aquafresh ro Chandigarh


  1. 0-150 – UV systems
  2. 150-500- RO with TDS Control
  3. 500+ Simple RO can be used


In all these cases RO plus UV purifier with TDS controller is the best option, as it can be used in all cases, even if there is fluctuation in input Supply  TDS all of a sudden. Post your comments or queries below.

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