[TC]²: Providing You the Latest Products for Accurate Body Measurement

The rise in 3D scanning technology is greatly benefitting fashion and health industry. 3D scanning is used to quickly capture the physical measurements with accuracy and precision. There are various products made with this technology measuring your body ratios accurately. One such products is body scanner offered by [TC]2. [TC]2 is a leading company providing you with the widest range of products equipped with 3D technology for point to point measurement.

[TC]² proffers you with the entire range of products for your body scanning completely. The body scanners offered by them only takes a few seconds to produce the right output by scanning your body. They offer the products range including, but not limited to Imagetwin, Size USA, 3D printing product, TC2-19B 3D body scanner and TC2-19R mobile scanner too. Their devices and products serve to be the best if you want to fulfill all the demands of your body scanning.

In addition to 3D body scanner, [TC]² also provides you with a pattern grading software that is used in designing apparels. Their software helps in 3D body analysis, measurement and scanning. They are highly dedicated to offer you with the items that monitor your body weight and other specifications with an ease.

Founded in 1979, they strive hard to make available the products helping you to work in an efficient manner. They also proffer you with the 3D printing products to create 3D objects in which the layers of material are made under the control of computer. They even help you to visualize the look of clothing and garments through 3D modeling. All their machines are helpful in simulating the garments in real time. You can also rely on them for the virtual fitting solution to decide which color and size of the products to be purchased.

The bottom line is, [TC]² is one of the leading 3D body manufacturer offering their services to fitness, fashion as well as medical industries. They bring complete body measurement and 3D visualization solutions to their potential clients.

For further details, you can log on to http://www.tc2.com/.

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