What Is Distributed Control System?(DCS)

As the name itself says distributed control system has distributed controls throughout the plant area for handling large complex circuits with difference in geographical locations in industrial processes. 7 Important features of Distributed Control System. […]

Explain the working of PID controller in detail

This article is going to provide a brief description about the structure and working of PID controller. Let us know what is PID controller. PID stands for Proportional Integral Derivative and is used mostly in […]


An induction motor where both rotor and the stator windings are fed with 3 phase AC signal is called a Doubly Fed Induction Motor or a 3 phase induction motor. There are multiphase windings on […]


For managing the manufacturing process there was the use of relays by the industries. It is said that there should be regular replacement of the relay control panels as there is excessive consumption of power […]

What is induction motor and how does it work?

Induction motor is one of the motors used most commonly in many applications. As it runs at a speed less than the synchronous speed it is called as asynchronous motor. Define Synchronous speed: In a […]


For revolving the issues of control and automation, there are various sectors that uses ever changing technologies in control systems for production processes and efficiency. A higher quality and reliable control systems are required for […]

Double Fed induction generator for producing electricity using wind power

A 3 phase induction generator called Double Fed induction generator where both the rotor and the stator windings are connected with 3 phase Ac signals. On both the rotor and the stator bodies you can […]

Do Not Over Load Your Power Board

An over load takes place when the electric circuit has an increase in amper value and the reason behind this is because of connecting too many appliances to the same plug point. The result being […]


As today’s world is completely dependent on electricity and there is a high amount of risk for the people at home, office, and factory. These potential risks can be eliminated by taking the help of […]


1) Explain the applications of current sources These are the following applications of current sources: 1) For regulating current related power supplies current sources can be used 2) Definite network study procedures can be used […]

Importance of Grounding Electric Current

There are some amazing discoveries in the electric field, and there has been an important lesson behind the significance of grounding electric currents. There are various benefits of electricity to the people and it is […]


1) Does a magnetic circuit consume energy? In order for setting up a magnetic flux, energy is required but no energy is required to continue it. The magnetic field holds the supplied energy and this […]

Electrical Engineering interview questions: part 1

1. Why star delta beginner is recommended with induction motor? An induction motor is referred with star delta starter for the following reason: • The power is saved because of voltage drops as the starting […]

Electrical Power transformer, definitions and its types

A transformer, a static machine used in converting power from one circuit to another without any need to change in frequency. This defines the work of a transformer. It is a static device where there […]

Electrical Engineering: Understanding It’s Scope, Salary and Other Aspects

Let’s begin by seeing what is electrical engineering. Later on, we will take a look at the various aspects related to this field. What is electrical engineering? Electrical engineering is the branch that is related […]