Stuff You Should Know About Urine Contamination

For sure we all have been through it – the horror of knowing someone or something has peed on the carpet or upholstery. In some instances, you may not see it, but if not dealt with properly, you will definitely smell it. In a home, the culprit could be your pets or the kids. Sometimes it happens when you have a geriatric in the house too. It can happen by accident but it can really be a pain to fix. It is easy enough to fix if the urine just landed on the floor – cleaning products can clean it in a jiffy. The smell would be eradicated as soon as the affected area gets cleared away too. However, it can be a total nightmare if urine contamination happened on your couch, rug or carpet. It will be more difficult to fix urine contamination in upholstery and carpet because the fibers of these materials can easily absorb the chemicals and compounds found in urine, making that urine smell long-lasting. You will probably need professional Calgary carpet cleaning. It is also important to find the right carpet cleaning who can do the task thoroughly.

We sure love our pets and they can’t seem to do anything wrong in our eyes. However, they need to be properly trained to avoid urine contamination in areas that are difficult to clean. In the same way, it’s better to keep babies and toddlers away from rugs, carpets, and upholstery unless they are properly potty-trained to avoid inconveniences caused by urine contamination.

Here’s what urine contamination can do:

  1. Carpet discoloration – areas that have been contaminated with urine can slowly turn yellow. Once it has become yellow, you might need replacements because by it will be too late to fix the issue. You might need replacements for your damaged carpet.
  2. Odor – there are many odors that you need to fight against when you have carpet flooring and urine odor is one of the most persistent among them.

When urine contamination happens, even an expert carpet cleaner may not be able to remove the urine sediments thoroughly. Carpets and upholstery are made of different fibers which make them more difficult to clean. Proper carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning must be done but sometimes it needs additional equipment. Some high-end Calgary carpet cleaning companies offer UV urine detectors that can help remove the urine salts left in the carpet fibers. These urine sediments are invisible to the naked eye but urine detectors can make the salts appear fluorescent so that your professional carpet cleaning staff can thoroughly remove them.

It is very important to deal with urine contamination as quickly as possible to prevent the urine sediments from penetrating your carpet and upholstery deeper. When you have a urine contamination issue, it is ideal to call your trusted Calgary carpet cleaning company immediately. You also must make sure that you can keep your pets off the carpet or at least keep them from peeing on the carpet.

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