Stretch Film And All You Need To Know About It

Definition: What is a stretch film?

Stretch films are highly elastic and stretchable form of plastic, which is usually used wrap around items. The elastic helps to keep the items in place and tightly in same place. Stretch films are usually used for industrial and commercial purposes. Pallet stretch film is used to wrap up the pallet loads and is also used for wrapping and bundling other items of similar nature. Not only this, there are several types of stretch films available in the market such as bundling stretch films, hand stretch films, machine stretch films, extend core stretch films and static dissipative film.

What is a stretch film made of?

Stretch films are basically made up of polyethylene or polythene resins which are linear and low density, both in nature and quality. Stretch films were commercially introduced in market in the year of 70s and its regular use has become an important method of transportation and unitizing products as one provided by stretch film suppliers.

Benefits of using a stretch film

A pre stretched film has many uses and benefits which are mentioned below. Mostly, people using such films get to experience stability, physical energy and also found great control over transportation facilities through paper core manufacturing.

  • Price

The price of this packaging film is what makes it most suitable one to buy for storage and wrapping purposes. Not only this, pre stretched films save a lot of costs from an amount of around 25% to 40%. Thus, it helps to reduce the cost of general product, incurring profits in return for the firm.


  • Less Wastage

These films have edges, whichare generally rolled and supported in middle. These both techniques make the roll much easier to use and roll. Traditional rolls contribute to a lot of wastage while pre stretched rolls does not damages the edges of the roll. Thus, pre stretched roll comes in handy more than the traditional film roll.


  • Application

Applying these films is the easiest task one can ever imagine. There is no stretching required in such rolls, which make it safer and easier to control. It also makes it easier to wrap without much use of physical strength. The roll is lighter to use and quite strengthening in nature.


  • Film memory

Film is applied at the items with a very little force; it will lead to the tightening of the load after its application. The unique and consistent film memory of this roll and its tendency to tighten after application is the most important feature and benefit of the pre stretched film.

  • Consistency

While traditional stretched films do not provide any uniform stretch to the wrap, it always leads to load failures, issues, and problems. The performance of pre stretched film is much more controllable and easy to execute.

Thus, comparing the advantages and uses of  pre stretched films, it is clearly advisable to use this film as wrapping the high and normal loads for other transportation purposes.

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