Stock Market Investment Strategies

An Investment Strategy is a set of rules, behavior or procedure in finance, which is made for the guide to investors selection of an investment portfolio.
The most important thing that, Every people want to know about the stock market ” How do I make money investing ? “. So there are many different ways to make money.
There are two basic methods Which can provide you profit.
Fundamental analysis
Technical analysis
Fundamental analysis refers to you. In that case first analyzing the companies by their general economic condition, Business trends, and financial statement. That means fundamental analysis focuses on the financial statement. This method uses in earnings, future growth, return on equity and profit margins etc.
Technical analysis is a methodology which is design for security analysis. It is the study of the price actions in the market through the use of quantitative techniques. It is analyzes the past data, primary prices, and volume.

No Strategy – An Investors who lacks a focused on trading strategy and trades on emotion and trade with others suggestions, including friends, In that case, investors who don’t have a strategy have been called sheep.
Active versus passive – Passive management is an investing strategy that tracks the market-weighted index or portfolio. It is like buy and hold. The active management refers to a portfolio management.
Momentum trading – In this strategy, one can choose the one strategy for investment which is based on their recent past performance.
Buy and Hold – It is a long term investment strategy, In this strategy involves buying company stocks or their funds and holds their shares for the long period.

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