Sterling Silver Gift Ideas for the drinks connoisseur in Your Life

You don’t have to be an alcoholic to appreciate a well made drink. Some people have a healthy passion for wines or whiskeys and a sophisticated pallet to match. If you have such a person in your life, a personalized sterling silver accessory is bound to go down well as a gift. There are a number of great pieces that are worth looking into if you pride yourself as a generous giver of gifts.

Sterling Silver Bottle Coaster

A sterling silver personalized wine bottle coaster UK made is a perfect gift that is bound to be well appreciated. The coaster comes in 2 sizes and fits any standard wine or champagne bottle and can be used over and over again. This gift is especially suited for the quintessential wine aficionado and bound to bring a touch of luxury and opulence to any dinner table or gathering. There is the option to have the coaster engraved with a personal message so the recipient will always keep you in mind while enjoying this practical and elegant sterling silver accessory.

Sterling Silver Hip Flask

A sterling hip flask is a perfect gift for a loved one who doesn’t need a special occasion or time of day to enjoy a drink. Opt for the classic and simple design because these flasks never go out of style. Sterling silver flasks dating back to the First World War and older are now collectible and highly sought after. But if you missed that chance, don’t worry! With the right online search and silversmith your loved one may instead have a luxury tipple today and highly prized collectible decades from now! Again, you can have the flask engraved with the recipients name, initials or a special message to make the gift that much more personal.

Sterling Silver Decanting Funnel

Any wine or whiskey aficionado worthy of the name definitely has a decanter of some sort. These decanters are practical, beautiful and prized but can be difficult to pour alcohol into. Most people choose any old funnel which does the job but doesn’t quite reflect how serious or passionate they are about their drink. A sterling silver decanting funnel will find good use and find a home among other prized antiquities and silverware. The funnel is good for use with any decanter (even those with small openings) and any standard alcohol bottle.

Sterling Silver Drinking Cup

You don’t have to go all out with elaborate alcohol accessories to give a perfect gift. A simple sterling silver drinking cup is understated but bound to outlast all other cups and dishes. The recipient can use it to recreate their latest Game of Thrones inspired medieval fantasies, keep it as a keepsake or display it in a glass cabinet. Whatever the use, an engraved personal message is also a nice final touch to drive the love home.

If you are looking for more gifts closer to your budget, consider a personalized novelty sterling silver keyring with a flashlight, that way if they’ve had a bit too much to drink and get home late at night they’ll still be able to find their keys and hopefully the keyhole lol.

Just remember sterling silver is the choice of kings and Queens for a reason and will always be a gift that lasts a lifetime and continues to grow in value as the years pass.

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