Spam filtering – an utmost necessity

According to Radicati Group survey, around 49.7% of emails being sent is spam. This means in absence of any spam filtering solution, all this spam  will reach your company’s mail server and your employees will be required to spend a considerable amount of time daily to get rid of spam from their inboxes.

Here are a few reasons why spam filtering is an utmost necessity for businesses.

Improves Productivity

Spam emails create problems as your employees are required to sift through numerous emails and decide whether it is a legitimate mail or should send it to trash. All this leads to wastage of time and reduces productivity.

When you employ spam filtering solution, only legitimate mail reaches your mail server. The spam filters scan every incoming mail and filters out spam emails. Thus, your employees’ time is saved and it leads to enhanced productivity.

Reduces Security Concerns

Spam emails come with malicious attachments. Some spam emails initiate the download of a “cookie” on a computer where the mail is opened. With the help of a “cookie”, the spammer is able to identify a target and they can send more spam emails to your company’s email address. The cookie can also send information about your computer to the spammer who can exploit it for malicious purposes.

There is also a possibility that your employees might send some sensitive information to the spammer accidentally while replying to emails. This information breach can be costly for your organization. When you employ spam filtering solution, the possibility of information breach and security concerns are greatly reduced.

Save Valuable Storage Space

If you continuously receive spam, a large amount of server storage space would be blocked by spam. Servers have limited space and every day the amount of free space is reduced as you continue to receive legitimate mail along with spam emails. If you do not delete spam email on daily basis, you will soon run out of space for legitimate mails.

These are some of the reasons why spam filtering has become an utmost necessity for businesses. Now let’s take a deeper look at how spam filtering works.

How Does Spam Filtering Work?

Though spam filtering is available as a managed service, your IT department is in full control of your email communication. The IT staff has the freedom to decide which emails are legitimate and which are spam. Based on your IT staff’s selection and preferences, the spam filter will work to get rid of spams.

The IT staff can define the whitelist and the black list of email addresses. Your employees will always have an overview of what email has been categorized as spam. if any legitimate email has been tagged as spam for some reasons, you can always override the spam filters and pull the legitimate mail in your inbox.

Spam is not a just annoyance; it brings several email threats that have the ability to bring down your network. The best way to protect your company is to stop the spam from entering your network by employing a good spam filtering solution.

How do you protect your company from spam? Please feel free to comment.


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