South India: A Sublime Destination

South India is extremely different from the rest of the country. It consists of several states, each having a highlight of its own. In South India you will find outstanding beaches, breathtaking lakes, gardens, waterfalls, backwaters and the list goes on! With our South India tour packages, we let you experience the stunning temples along with some real South Indian cuisine.


There are a number of South India tours that are available to you. Before you decide on which tour to pick, have a look at our top places to see in South India:


The Temples of Tamil Nadu

The skyline of Tamil Nadu is dominated by a number of lofty temples. These temples are remarkable in every way and portray Tamil Nadu’s heroic heritage. Many of these temples are glorified with sacred hymns that date back to the 1st century. From the Pallavas and Cholas to the kings of the Vijayanagar Empire, every ruler has left their mark on the temple architecture that we see here.


The Backwaters of Kerala

The backwaters here are truly unique to Kerala. These backwaters are interconnected to many rivers and lakes, making it an important means of transportation. They are bordered with tall coconut trees and rice paddies. If you wish you can even explore the local life on a canoe or spend a night in a houseboat.


The People

South Indians are extremely welcoming and warm when they greet you. They almost always have a smile on their face. Don’t be surprised with their hospitality. South Indians often show their admiration for nature in the form of hymns or through music. You can strike up a conversation with the locals to better understand their culture.


The Food

South Indian food is different from the food served in the North. Most of the dishes generally use local ingredients such as coconut, rice and fish. Masala dosas and steamed idlis are to be relished here. Very often, meals here are served on a banana leaf. So come and have an authentic South Indian meal.


Tea Gardens at Ooty

Ooty is a very famous hill station in the south that has lush green tea gardens. Earlier, the British would visit Ooty to spend their summers amidst the cool climate. Here, you can enjoy taking a stroll in the tea gardens, or even learn about the art of cultivating tea.


Karnataka’s Past

If you love temples and ancient ruins, Karnataka is the place for you! Karnataka is home to Hampi, a place that is known as the ‘City of Ruins’. Hampi is filled with numerous temples, and holds a number of ruins from the Vijayanagar Empire. Apart from being filled with ancient art, Hampi is also a religious centre. Legend has it that, Hampi is closely related to the incidents of the Ramayana.


So, take a trip down south, and explore what the magnificent states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have to offer. To book your South India trip at Cox & Kings, click here.

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