Smart Cities – The Top Destination For Residential Projects In Gurugram

Gurgaon, now known as Gurugram has been gaining an upward movement as one of best locations to live and work in NCR. Its proximity to the capital of India has earned it a grand epitaph of being one of most busy as well as a happening place of India. It is no wonder therefore that the city is awash with new and upcoming residential projects in Gurugram. With Prime Minister Modi promising to provide a roof for every citizen, affordable housing has come into the forefront since 2014 with every builder worth its name jumping into the most popular bandwagon with the expectation of making a name in the arena of affordable housing.

Sadly the tag of a ‘Smart City’ had eluded Gurugram in the year 2016. It lost out to Faridabad, its neighbor and toughest competitor in real estate project by falling significantly behind in quite a few areas. The new residential projects in Gurugram though are coming up with a vengeance with every one of them determined to adhere to the regulations laid down by the Government. The city of Gurugram has moved a step forward in achieving its objective of becoming a Smart City within a very short period of time though by securing technological aid from the Central Government and the authorities of the city are hopeful of a positive outcome the next time.

Housing for all is a prospect that has excited the realtors in India and Gurugram in particular. With the shortfall of adequate housing being close to 1.9 crores in the urban sector, the real estate developers in NCR are focused on providing ample opportunities to the economically weaker section thus being able to supply them with a roof over their heads within the year 2022.

It makes sense to take advantage of the low cost housing coming up in and around the city of Gurugram at present therefore. Do check out the facts and book your own unit ASAP. You might actually be on your way to becoming a resident of the latest Smart City in the country.

Advantages of Opting for Affordable Housing

Closer to the main part of the city and linked to New Delhi by the six meter highway
In close proximity with the proposed metro line
A home amidst nature and away from the noise and pollution of a bustling city
Application accepted under government’s ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana’ scheme
Easy to obtain loans for 1BHK & 2BHK homes at subsidized interest rates of 6.5% or less
The area is destined to be a green city before with easy access to educational and entertainment centers that are in the developing stage at present
The number of commercial centers near the residential areas of Gurugram makes the prospect of job hunting even more brighter
Some locations have been developed in conjunction with the State Government of Haryana and provide the opportunity of 0 maintenance for a period of 5 years
All the apartments are ventilated properly and make use of the natural light  extensively

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