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“Silence is Golden” as the Tremeloes proclaimed in their 1960s hit song. And when the day draws to a close and it’s time for bed, I couldn’t agree more.
As someone who needs total silence to sleep well, I’ve tried countless different Ear Plugs for Sleeping over the years, discarding many and treasuring a precious few.
If you also struggle to sleep because of noise, a decent pair of earplugs could help you sleep peacefully instead of lying awake wishing your neighbors or relentlessly snoring partner had an “off” switch.

In this review I’ll be discussing the best foam, wax, silicon and custom molded Ear Plugs for Sleeping that I’ve found in future articles. I’ll be recommending Earmold Sydney Ear Plugs for Sleeping for blocking loud noise such as snoring or traffic, as well as the most comfortable to use if you sleep on your side.

What are Noise Reduction Ratings?

I’ve included a noise reduction rating in decibels (dB) for each of the Ear Plugs for Sleeping – something all earplugs in the United States are required to have. The scores are determined by independent lab tests and approved by the American National Standards Institute.

Although it’s tempting to think those with the highest score are the best, other factors such as the fit in your ear canal and type of noise can also influence how effective they are.
Having said that, if you have very loud noise such as snoring to deal with, it might be a good idea to try Ear Plugs for Sleeping with a higher noise reduction rating first.

Can earplugs completely block snoring?

I wish I could tell you that Ear Plugs for Sleeping can completely block out any snoring, but it’s just not the case. If the top noise reduction rating for earplugs is 33dB, and extreme snoring can be up to 80dB, some noise is still going to get through.

Add to that the fact that some sound travels through the bone and not the ear canal, and we have a situation in which snoring can be dampened, but not shut out altogether.
Fortunately, not everyone snores like a lion, so you might find that the best Ear Plugs for Sleeping can in fact block out your partner’s snoring. And if you do have snoring of epic proportions to cope with, hopefully you can reduce the noise level to a tolerable level and sleep through it.

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