Simplify Your Payroll System and Ease the Burden

With the advancement and up gradation of technology in every sphere of business, work has become easier to handle on large scale. To capture the market position and beat the cut throat companies are expanding their business on the national and global level. On expansion, the need for human resource along with the other resources increases and handling the data becomes a hectic task here. To maintain the record of employees their data, leaves, Pay slip and so on large scale various software’s are being used. These software’s allow companies to maintain different records and get time to focus on the other work.

Access to Software

There are many software’s launched in the market which allows to keep and maintain the record of HR and Payroll. Chris 21 is the latest software in the field of integrated payroll, HR and Talent Management.

But only acquiring the software alone serves the purpose is only myth. The biggest issue is using the software needs training and relevant knowledge. To overcome this issue IBSP “Integrated Business Service Provider” a renowned consulting firm with a team of experts provides the range Chris21 services.

Chris21 employee self service allows to keep and maintain each and every employee record since attendance, leaves taken with balance till personal information including the bank details.

Employees functionality majorly provides access to Payslips , replacing emailed and hard copy version, payment summaries, apply all types of leaves with balances and so on. Managers functionality have additional access and include majorly to view and approve leave requests, view employee details, and leaves take records.

Another crucial and time-consuming process in the every business unit is Payroll. A minor deduction due to wrong calculation leads to employee dissatisfaction. Also, escalation and enquiring upon is an extra effort and time-consuming task.Chris21 Payroll Software provides end to end processing of payroll. The accuracy and record of data in the software are reliable. Firms staff with a complete understanding and knowledge of Chris21 provides for the usage of the same as per the firm’s size and need. Overall assistance for EOM “end of the month” and EOY “end of the year” tasks is provided.

Update and Knowledge

Chris21 “Comprehensive Human Resource Solution” various HR and Payroll modules contain inbuilt structure for calculation and reports. Every business unit has its own structure and requirement also depends on the nature of the business. IBSP staff assist here with Chris21 Outsourcing which means users with flexibility, depending on the size and structure of the business unit. Along with use for an individual or as a part of the integrated software solution to serve the purpose.

Large business unit needs to submit and generate some crucial reports time to time. Chris 21 software provides an inbuilt process to make these reports such Balance Sheet. To understand the same, as every organization structure is different relevant knowledge of the software is required. IBSP Provides customized the various level of courses starting from Chris21 Training introduction till advanced levels such as DBMS and XML reports. The overall solution is provided through the software solution for the efficient and effective work for all business unit.

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