Simple tips for improving web design

Do you want to make sure that visitors will exit almost immediately after visiting your website landing page there? Be sure to make it difficult for them to find what it is they are looking for & make sure do they get satisfied with your website designs. Want to get people to stay on your website longer and click on or buy stuff? Follow these 13 Web design tips.

  1. Have a polished yet neatly designed professional logo–and link it to your index page
  2. Use clean navigations for routing your web pages
  3. Use easy loading images & graphic designs that should give pleasing effects
  4. Give breathing rooms for visitors, i.e, create enough spaces between contents & paragraphs. Controlling white space will improves user experiences and also gives visitors returns.
  5. Use strategically colors within website. Use catchy fonts & colors for headings and key graphics
  6. Use professional photography for images, so the visitors will sniff for a seconds & sure it will bring generic impressions
  7. Use good readable font that should be visible across devices & browsers. Cross browser compatibility is more important.
  8. Design every page similar to your landing pages. Give more importance to all pages inside the website
  9. call to action in the upper portion of your website, along with your phone number and/or email address
  10. Use responsive design–that automatically adapts to how the site is being viewed.
  11. Forget Flash.
  12. Don’t forget about buttons “The ‘Submit’ or ‘Send’ button at the bottom of a Web form can be the ugliest part of a website
  13. Test your design. “Whether you are trying different placements for a call to action or even testing different shades of a color, website optimization can make a big impact to your bottom line


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