Simple Tips for Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost Thousand Oaks

Popcorn ceilings are composed of chalk, clay and other items. In order to remove it from your ceiling, all you are supposed to do is, wet it first, it turns into soft mess. Though it’s not a task to accomplish, but provided with little preparations you can definitely control the mess.

When it comes to ceiling popcorn removal Camarillo, you will have two options available – one is do the work in a hard way and other way is to do in an easy way. Though it’s equally important to accomplish the task correctly, you will surely get some easy method to remove off this textured material from the ceiling without causing any sort of damage to dry wall.

Though you may use costly commercial products or hire the services of top contractors, a number of techniques for removing this material come with little flair. Instead of standing on the ladder and working close to dust, you can use a scarper attached to end of the hose. By doing so, it will just not only eliminate the risk associated with it, but also prevents you from breathing dust particles

Upon finishing the task, you will have clean surface upon which installation of new ceiling could be made. And the ceiling popcorn Simi Valley dust that has been removed will go directly into shop vac for the purpose of easy disposal.

Once the entire popcorn ceiling is removed, allow the ceiling to dry completely. After a while sand the entire surface to remove the rough patches and make use of the joint compound in order to patch the whole and cracks formed on the ceiling. Once the compound is allowed to dry for about an hour, then again sand it lightly to smooth it out.

Ceiling Popcorn Removal Cost Thousand Oaks- Factors to consider

The Cost of Popcorn Ceiling Removal Thousand Oaks by professionals particularly when the asbestos is present is based on several factors. For instance, cost would be based on various factors like room size, layers of popcorn ceiling and the geographic location.


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