Shrinking Carpet Alert

If you are considering having carpet cleaning done for the first time, you might be worried about having your carpet cleaned and seeing it shrink as a result. Even if you get professional carpet cleaning done by those who profess themselves as experts, it is still possible to have a shrunk carpet if these ‘professionals’ are not experienced or knowledgeable enough. If you sign up for Calgary carpet cleaning with real professionals, you don’t even have to worry about your carpet shrinking. For sure, they will know how to do their job right.

You as the carpet owner should also know a thing or two to keep this shrinking carpet disaster from happening. First, you need to know why this happens and you need to know how to prevent this from happening during carpet cleaning. At least when you have enough information, you can stop your inefficient carpet cleaner from destroying your expensive carpet.

First, what types of carpet can shrink?

The shrinking carpets are known as the Axminster-type and the Belgian Wilton type. Axminsters are the type of carpet with wool fiber interlacing with jute yarn at the back. This type actually does not shrink easily but when your carpet cleaner does a bad job of carpet cleaning, the back part can shrink as it gets wet.

For the Belgian Wilton type, these are made of polypropylene with jute as the backing. This commonly shrinks because the polypropylene face of the carpet cannot handle moisture so it usually drives all the moisture to the back, which jute can’t handle, really, causing the carpet to shrink.

The professional carpet cleaning company should always double check which type of carpet you have on your floor before cleaning to avoid this disaster from happening.

Why does your Carpet shrink?

The main reason why these types of carpet shrink are because of moisture. The carpet cleaner should be able to extract the water out of the carpet properly before damage is done. The problem is if the carpet cleaner you chose is not a professional. They might have a small machine that cannot get the water out of the carpet properly, topped with bad carpet cleaning technique. If this is the case, you can probably kiss your carpet goodbye.

How can you prevent your carpet from shrinking?

The first thing you need to do is hire a good professional carpet cleaning company. They should be able to double check what type of carpet you have and administer the proper Calgary carpet cleaning techniques that can thoroughly clean your carpet without harming it. If needed, they can even clean your carpet using decreased moisture than the ones used in normal carpets.

Choosing the right professional carpet cleaner is always the key to avoiding carpet chaos. It is undeniable that you need to get your carpet cleaning done to avoid the foul smell, carpet damage, and health issues. It’s now a matter of choosing the right carpet cleaning to do the job.

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