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If you are trying to find out ways through which you can establish a blog or a service website, you need to make out some measures through which you can establish your content to be unique. When there are so many brands available on the online platform, why should someone reach your content? Certainly, there needs to be something that will drive the interests of the audience. Hence, the content must reveal itself to be a little different in order to bring out some interesting and innovative ideology. Before you rush into some strategy or decision, it is essential on your part to establish its thought like an SEO as that would help you lay emphasis through an optimised mobile design. According to surveys, the smart phone conversion rates are found to be higher than that of an average desktop conversion rate. In order to customise you according to the trend and help yourself to remain in the competition, one should optimise your smart phone design for SEO. The ROI and successful conversions will surely be able to equate with two major elements, that is, a greater visibility and a larger engagement.

Here are some tips that will certainly ensure make an SEO friendly mobile design. It will also assist in yielding a sustainable success.

  • Stay away from Pop-ups

Pages containing intrusive interstitials generally provide a poor experience to the users. Age verification boxes, smaller banners and other similar pop-ups are absolutely fine to run. If the main content is featured in a stand-alone process, it will surely bring a drastic effect on your UX as well as your SEO.

  • Fast page speed

Everyone hates slow loading pages particularly when they are accessing their mobile devices. Even though some pages feature really valuable contents, but the users generally tend to stumble quickly to the next pages rather than waiting patiently for slow pages. If the mobile experience is a user, it will surely help you to receive a greater engagement. Using a cache is certainly helpful as that saves the extra precious time of the user in downloading. It also increases the overall speed of the application.

  • Titles as well as Meta descriptions

It is important to feature appropriate titles and Meta descriptions through your content as that would help in displaying the content with relevant keyword. In order to avail a truly enhanced mobile experience, it is important to sponsor Meta descriptions that ought to be short and precise, ranging up to a rank of around one hundred and thirty characters.

  • Designing should be convenient for big fingers

The touch screen navigation of the mobile must appear easy to be scrolled even for the big fingers. In order to feature a smoother UX, you must take care that your design should be accessible to the thumb as well as the index finger of the user. A smoother UX will support more engagement.

  • Clear CTAs

Simplicity works better and the on page content must always be short and up to the point. Include contact, phone number and address that shall smooth the flow of conversions and easier engagement of the users.

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