Searching Wedding Reception Venues in London? 2 More Things You Should Not Forget!

Finding wedding reception venues is not difficult but finding a locale that can host the perfect wedding, offer flawless dining experience and make your special day a truly memorable affair is the big challenge. Your wedding is of course, one of the most important events in your life but the after-party takes the cake, i.e. it is the biggest parameter to judge the success of a wedding party. Hosing wedding reception does not come easy to every service provider. Not every restaurant is perfect for hosting such events. Banquets that boast of being specialists in this genre might be offering predictable, boring services. You need to dig deep and look for venues that offer something special. In this discussion, we are dissecting what make wedding reception venues special and will share tips on how to score the perfect after-party. We will share real-life scenarios such as what makes restaurants near St. Pauls such an important part of London’s wedding calendar…


  1. Find an Exclusive Location: not-so-mainstream is better, slightly offbeat is GREAT!

Imagine a beautiful landscape painted around you while you are having your first dance. One such location could be a wedding in or around St. Pauls Cathedral. A marquee destination, it has immense heritage value. More than the historic structure, grandeur of the place is enough to impress every guest while you get the perfect backdrop for your special day. You don’t need to worry about the logistic of dining. There are plenty of restaurants near St. Pauls that can provide great meals at an incredible value. Located on the beautiful Ludgate Hill, this is a very popular, globally renowned destination for weddings. Not just the London crowd but international travellers often venture here for their dream wedding. A building with more than 300 years of history cannot be rivalled in terms of having something iconic for your big day. You might want to get a sense of services retailed by famous restaurants near St. Pauls that host such wedding reception parties.


  1. Not Just Speeches, Plan Fun Games: remember it is a PARTY!

It is natural to have downtimes during the ceremony and moment where guests are busy in small talk, a bit bored…why? Because you have left them on their own, unentertained. The wedding speech might be special for you but the gests might not want to sit through the same wedding party schedule. Try to shake up things a bit with Giant Jenga, Coconut Shy or Croquet – games that most folks can easily play. You can also create special area for kids, where they can safely play. A good playlist is the key to keep the mood alive. While you expand or cut short your playlist, be very specific about your do-not-play list as well. Most of the premium wedding reception venues do have the bandwidth to play your selected songs and ensure that foot-tapping numbers always make it to the final edit, ensuring guests stay entertained, hooked into the party.


  1. Install Food Stations: table service is good but self-serve KEEPS IT TIDY!

A rule of thumb is that great food makes for great celebrations. Don’t keep your guests hungry between main meals. Get a few snacking stations installed around the wedding venue. Some cool options include mac-and-cheese, pasta bar or grilled cheese station. Allow them to dress it their own style with different toppings and sauces. Also, a decent end-of-night-type snack can be a big help. Ideally, the venue should have the ability to quickly arrange self-service tables that can keep the snacks and conversations flowing. Another good idea is having one of your close pals or cousins check in around the food service counters to ensure that the service is uninterrupted.


Experience the Best in Wedding Reception Venues at Dion

A London wedding can be made more memorable when you chose a venue like Dion — a trusted name among the most recommended restaurants near St. Pauls. Dion lies close to the Cathedral and offers flawless service, from seasonal produce to exclusive drinks. This wedding reception venue is perfect for those who want a mix of gourmet and traditional dishes along with the promise of the best in wedding hosting services!

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