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With the fantastic increase of E-commerce in industries, it is no wonder that SAP has also adapted to the same. Hybris proposes solutions for all e-commerce industries. These solutions are placed with various functionalities that provide to marketing, product management, order management, product information, support for multiple currencies, analytics, social commerce, reporting, help for multiple languages and native support for online mobile device platforms such as Android and iOS. SAP Hybris supports both B2B and B2C models of e-commerce markets.
This solution offers greatly scalable and adaptable solutions for mid-size and larger companies. It even supports industries across a wide set of verticals that include wholesale, retail, manufacturing, telecom, media and professional services. In brief, SAP Hybris is a must have for all e-commerce businesses as it would produce outstanding results for them.

How SAP Comes with Hybris  E-Commerce Industry

Electronic commerce – or e-commerce as it is usually referred to in this web-enabled world – refers to all kinds of business/ commercial transactions that require the transference of information via the internet.Ranging from consumer-centric retail sites to business exchanges associated with trading goods/ services between corporations, music and sale and more, this electronically transfer of money, goods, and services transcends all barriers of distance and time, and how!


Both in terms of revenue generation overall growth, this fastest growing segment has grown almost thrice in the last four years, with whopping total revenues being estimated at 12.6 billion USD in the year 2013. If the current trends continue, then the e-commerce market is all set to rule further heights in the next 3 to 4 years.

Entry of SAP in E-commerce
In August 2013, with the acquisition of Hybris, the ever-expanding world of e-commerce saw the entry of Hybris Omni-Commerce solutions – SAP’s innovative tool that succeeded in leaving a large footstep in the domain of B2C E-commerce. All set to take charge of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) marketplace, Hybris is now planning to leave its trail in the contemporary B2C e-commerce domain to yield very positive and exceptional results.



After that, SAP has provided customers with the options of deploying cloud servers or on-premise technology with concerns to their obtained business technology. In other words, Hybris has given SAP a competitive edge in terms of a consumer economy and redefined next generation customer experiences in a big way!

Presently, SAP is operating Hybris’s technology on the in-memory database of SAP Hana and the two companies have joint customers like Nespresso – the giant coffee machines and coffee makers. According to SAP’s McDermott, “This is not about email CRM.”Hana will enable Hybris to gain real-time customer intimacy.”

SAP Hybris Overview

The Hybris Omni-Channel e-commerce solution helps companies purpose and engage with their clients better, anytime and anywhere.

With dynamic changes influencing the world of commerce like never before, customers are presently being given more consistent and meaningful experiences across the channels of their choice, thereby bringing a fantastic array of growth possibilities for the logistic suppliers becoming the face of e-commerce websites.

Several enhancements are included in the new release of SAP Hybris Commerce, including:

1.SAP Hybris Client Experience solution – with a new user interface (UI) a redesigned content management system allows marketers in a single business tool to manage content across all channels easily.In the context of the customer, as a result, the personalized sites can be designed and can be experienced more intuitively than ever before.

2. New promotions engine – easy to flexible and extend, the business users with this latest feature can create and use dynamic promotions on the fly without the engagement of IT, in their hands directly they are fixing full control over promotions.

3. Customer support – all the capabilities client service are included in the new back-office UI and outstanding service and sales support over all touch points should be provided by the sales agents.

4.Improved back-office – with new validation capacities and widgets the back-office framework has been improved to build customized applications and enterprise tools and to make it simpler and faster.

Career Scope with Hybris SAP E-Commerce Software

People with sound knowledge of the several SAP modules / sub-modules of these e-commerce related software solutions can proceed further courses in Hybris software to take their career graphs to the next levels – with highest salaries.

The same rings true for professionals having previous experience of Apache, SAP CRM, SAP HANA , SAP Finance , E-Commerce Domain Specialist and various SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Modules. Additionally, those with knowledge of SAP Business One can go in for SBOeConnect for achieving mastery in distinct e-commerce software.


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