Salveo Offers Herbal Remedies for Patients Afflicted With Arthritis

Cure pain and inflammation associated with arthritis including osteoarthritis and lead healthy life. Salveo’s Ostranil is a herbal medication used for controlling pain associated with this disease without damaging human health.

People with chronic arthritis may find it quite difficult to walk down, bend down, stretch their legs etc. Few people even need walker in order to move from one place to another. With passage of time, they also feel grating sensation in joints especially during movement. If this form of arthritis is left untreated for a long period of time, knees as well as hips are mostly damaged. It mainly happens since one part of damaged cartilage is broken down from bone, thereby leaving end parts of bone to be exposed for further damage. Therefore, the ends of bone scrape as well as abrade against each other and weaken the ligaments of that particular area. This medical condition leads to pain as well as change the appearance of joint.

Most forms of arthritis involves some amount of inflammation. In case of osteoarthritis, inflammation occurs in the cartilage as well as soft tissues in affected joint. When the nerves in the area that are affected by acute inflammation generate chemical signals inside the brain, they can be recognized as chronic pain. In fact, pain gives the alarm that something is not right and that you should take necessary action immediately. For example, when your fingers are trapped in drawer, signals of pain would immediately go to the brain and you would respond by opening drawer quickly as well as releasing fingers. Chronic pain would compel you to head towards freezer to search out for ice to give relief to the fingers.

The worst part of being afflicted with arthritis is persistent pain. If you cannot cope with this type of pain, it is advisable that you should try out safe as well as effective herbal medications for arthritis pain relief. Salveo Life Sciences is a leading company that has formulated herbal medicines for treatment of all forms of arthritis including osteoarthritis and also other relevant issues. Ostranil Plus offered by Salveo is natural painkiller that controls both pain as well as inflammation related to osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, fatigue, cramp, muscle sprain and so on. Unlike other painkillers, this type of medicine of Salveo is known for gastro protective properties and it also does not lead to liver toxicity. Moreover, this medicine targets root cause of disease and offers permanent solution. It is rich in calcium content that helps to strengthen bones as well as reduces production of uric acid by all possible means. The safety as well as effectiveness of this medicine is usually backed by scientific trials being conducted in this country and also in other countries.

Ostranil medicine, one of the best medications for arthritis pain relief, is prepared from diverse herbal ingredients. For example, Hemidesmus indicus, Boerhaavia diffusa brings about similar effect as that of COx-2 inhibitors. Cox-2 inhibitors target cyclooxygenase-2, a kind of enzyme that causes inflammation as well as pain. Hyaluronic acid’s oxidative polymerization is also inhibited. It also inhibits a type of enzyme that is responsible for production of uric acid. It helps in cytoprotective mucus secretion in intestine and prevents mucosal damage effectively. Herbal ingredient such as Tinospora cordifolia is a good immunomodulator that helps in modifying immune response as well as functioning of immune system.

Salveo Life Sciences is a leading company dedicated in offering herbal medications for arthritis pain relief, skin problems, and respiratory problems and so on.

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