Salveo’ Herbal Medicine Cures Sinusitis Naturally

There are several home remedies used for the treatment of sinus infection.However for better results, Salveo’s herbal remedy Sepno syrup is recommended by the experts.

The sinuses are the hollow spaces in the human bones behind the face.The nasal cavity is present behind the nose and the large size sinuses are present on either side of this cavity. The row of small sinuses is present behind the nose and two large sinuses are present above as well as behind the interior part of the eyebrows.

Sinusitis is the inflammation of these sinuses and it is caused due to viral as well as bacterial infections.However it can even occur due to the allergic reaction of the sinuses. This disease may be acute that usually lasts for less than four weeks.If it continues for eight to twelve weeks then it is treated to be chronic.

Those who suffer from cystic fibrosis, allergies and asthma are more susceptible to sinusitis.People who had broken their noses previously and those who have the dividing wall between their nostrils also can develop this disease.Even the patients suffering from diabetes or those have weak immune system are at a risk of developing this disease.

Sinusitis shows certain symptoms that are different from flu or cold. The key symptoms are facial pain, nasal discharge, inability to smell, nasal congestion and so on. In fact, the intensity of this pain depends on the types of sinuses that are affected due to infection. Bad breath, cough and headache are other symptoms associated with this type of ailment.

The infection of the lower sinuses causes an acute toothache in the upper jaw as well as in the region below the eyes, while the infection of the smaller ones cause chronic pain between and also behind the eyes.Often yellow or green pus can come out of the nose and this disease often spreads a nasty smell.If you have sinusitis you often fall sick and you also suffer from fever time and again.

Sinusitis that is caused due to virus is different from that caused due to the attack of bacteria.A viral infection usually continues for more than a week and if this infection continues for more than a week, then it is assumed that it is caused due to bacteria.

Although over the counter medications are available, people depend on the home remedies for sinusitis. For example, drinking tea, juice or water without sugar proves to be effective for removing mucus and getting relief from this infection. A number of studies support the advantages of drinking soup in curing this disease.From vegetable soup to chicken stew, you can select from a wide array of options for this purpose.It is the steam combined with healthy ingredients that can help you to get relief from sinusitis in the best possible way.

The herbal medicine Sepno syrup offered by Salveo Life Sciences is more effective than the home remedies recommended for sinusitis.Sepno is a polyherbal formulation that can improve the immune system naturally and is rich in anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.It also proves to be effective to prevent the recurrent sinus infections.It is prepared from several herbal extracts such as Guggul, Tinosporacordifolia and Glycyrrhiaglabra.

Unlike the home remedies for sinus infection, Salveo’s herbal remedy brings faster relief and also proves to be more effective.It is prepared from the herbal ingredients and do not cause any damage to your body.

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