Salveo Comes Up With Effective Herbal Medicine for Kidney Stones

Salveo Life Sciences offers herbal remedy namely Normout syrup and tablet to cure pain and other discomforts caused due to kidney stones.

Kidney stones are usually hard, small mineral deposits inside the kidneys and these stones are formed from acid salts as well as diverse minerals. They are formed due to different reasons and can also affect kidney, bladder or any portion of urinary tract. Usually, they are formed when urine gets concentrated thereby allowing the minerals to become crystallized.

Passing these stones may be painful for you but these stones do not cause any permanent damage. Depending on the situation, you may need something to get relief from pain and also drink water for smooth passage of kidney stones. In few instances, if these stones are lodged in urinary tract or lead to complications, you may even need to undergo surgery.

Kidney stones usually donot lead to symptom till they move inside the kidney or even pass in the ureter. Ureter is a tube that connects kidney with the urinary bladder. If such this happens, you can experience the following symptoms:

• Chronic pain and uneasiness in the side and also in the back below ribs

• Severe pain that spreads to lower abdomen as well as groin

• Pain while urinating

• Red, pink or brown colored urine

• Cloudy as well as pungent smelling urine

• Nausea as well as vomiting

• Persistent need for urination

• Urge to urinate more than usual

• Fever if any kind of infection exists

• Urinating only small amount of urine

Pain caused due to kidney stones can even change at times. You may feel pain in different location or your pain even intensifies when stones actually move through urinary tract.

There are home remedies that can be helpful in this condition. Raw apple, cider vinegar, lemon juice as well as olive oil are effective and can also reduce pain that occurs due to kidney stones. Kidney beans as well as dandelion roots are often used to get relief. Drinking four to five cups of horsetail tea also help in curing this condition. Pomegranate juice that is rich in astringent properties is effective. Magnesium supplement can also be useful for this situation.

Changing diet as well as availing herbal medicinesfor curefor kidney stones is more effective than home remedies. Normout from Salveo Life Sciences can be vital for managing urinary calculi or kidney stones. The key herbal ingredients such as Saxifraga ligulata, Boerhavia diffusa,Tribulus and Shwet parpati act synergistically as well as offer desirable results. Saxifraga ligulata provides anti-lithiatic as well as diuretic actions. Boerhavia diffusa has analgesic, anti-inflammatory as well as diuretic ingredients.

Shwet parpati can normalize urine pH as well as gives relief from burning micturition.Tribulus terrestris can be effective asanalgesics, diuretic, antimicrobial as well as anti-inflammatory actions. Normout is used in the form of tablet as well as syrup. Normout as syrup acts as cooling remedy to cure urinary illness as well as controls PH level in urine. It relieves burning micturition, offers effective diuresis as well as avoids recurrent urinary infections. It is advisable that you should consume two teaspoon of 100 milliliters of this syrup at least two to three times every day.

Salveo Life Sciences, the leading herbal manufacturing company, formulates herbal remedies to offer effective cure for kidney stones without side effects.

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