Salveo Comes Up with an Effective Herbal Treatment for Piles

If you wish to get rid of pain and other symptoms of piles, it is advisable that you should opt for the herbal medicine of Salveo Life Sciences namely Rectawin cream. It is prepared from the herbal ingredients and they do not cause harmful side effects.

Piles, also called haemorrhoids, are the swollen veins as well as the muscles around the anus or inside the anal canal. The anal canal is a short and muscular tube that connects the rectum with the anus. The piles can develop whenever the tissue becomes swollen up, possibly due to straining during the bowel movement. At times, the piles bleed and can be painful if they are damaged.

Anyone can suffer from this disease at any point of time but it mostly occurs in the people aged between forty five to sixty five years. This ailment is also quite common during as well as after the pregnancy period. The piles can develop due to the increased pressure in the abdomen and also due to changes of the hormones during this time. However the doctors are not sure of the exact cause of this type of medical condition. A pregnant woman suffering due to piles usually feels better after the childbirth.

The internal piles develop inside the anal canal but they would oftenhang and even come out of the anus. In fact, the internal piles are graded depending on whether they come out of the anus and also how far they actually come out. For example, the first degree piles can bleed but they usually do not come out of the anus. The second degree piles come out of the anus when you have the bowel movement but they return on their own after a certain point of time. The third degree piles, they come out of the anus and go back inside whenever you push them. The fourth degree piles develop partly outside the anus and you cannot push them inside. They are swollen up and they are painful since the blood clots inside the anal canal.

One of the most common symptoms of piles is to experience bleeding during the bowel movement. You can see the blood on the toilet paper or on the faeces. Other symptoms include a lump in or around the anus, the discharge of mucus from the anus, the feeling that the bowels are not emptied completely, itchy skin around the anus and discomfort after the bowel movement. However these symptoms are caused due to the problems other than the piles such as anal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, anal fissure and bowel cancer.

The effective home remedy for piles is to apply the ice pack directly on the affected area for nearly eight to ten minutes. You can do it for at least seven to eight times every day till you get completely cured from this disease. If this home remedy does not prove to be effective to cure the ailment, then you should try out for the herbal remedy since it cures the disease successfully and it also does not produce any side effect. Rectawin cream of Salveo Life Sciences is considered to be the best ayurvedic medicine for piles treatment. This medicine is prepared from the herbal extracts such as Cinnamomum, Azadiracha and MimosaPudica.

Salveo Life Sciences is a popular company that comes up with effective herbal medicines to cure several health disorders. It brings in the best ayurvedic medicine for pilesnamelyRectawin creamfor the patients.

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