Safety Inventions of Modern History

The choice for a better seat belt fabric is sometimes difficult as in one hand better fiber properties are important and on the other, cost-effective is taken into consideration. For a better seat belt fabric, linear densities and different construction of weaves are also important for the safety measures. An automobile is an asset of a person and it is important for all the manufacturers to hand over a perfect model for the functional and commercial purpose.

The safety inputs in a car in the form of a selected fabric plays a vital role for the consumer. Textiles are used in automobiles for their distinctive feature and it should be kept in mind the overall outlook for preventing traffic collisions. Let us discuss it in detail:

Effective form of Safety

Road accidents are a worldwide problem around the globe. The best solution for occupant restraint is seat belts which are highly effective in preventing death and injury from traffic collisions. Seat belts are effective and inexpensive means of protection in an accident and are becoming increasingly important every year as the highways continue to become busier. Nowadays, driving without a seat belt is quite simply preposterous.

A car seat belt manufacturer often uses two different fibers, i.e. polyester and nylon because of the different weave construction in both. The properties of both the fibers complement each other and thus, forms a strong fabric for seat belts. Seat belts function as safety harnesses which secure the passengers in a vehicle. The manufacturer of seat belt concentrates on weaving, dyeing, and finishing of the product. Webbing of a seat belt is highly important as it determines the mechanical performance, abrasion resistance, and tear strength to withstand any injuries.

During a crash, the expansive belt assists by administering the crash forces across more of the rear passenger’s torso, reducing the pressure on the chest and helping to control head and neck motion. A seat belt also provides the following safety precautions which a car seat belt manufacturer ensures it in the product. It includes a pelvic restraint, an upper torso restraint or both. The manufacturer must ensure that the car is equipped with at least two belt assemblies in the front seat.

Integrating advanced systems to the manufacturers to use simple, inexpensive and basic designs are very similar to those since the inception of the seat belt is debatable. The fabrics used should be checked for quality and performance, because as it is said- “Precaution is better than cure”.

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