Rowing Machines: Understand them thoroughly before buying

Health is Wealth is an old proverb as per the today’s scenario the suited proverb is “There is no Wealth without Health.” And by following the same order, the sale of gyming products gets a big boost in last decade. The Water Rowing machines are one of them. A rower is a Machine that simulates the power of air or water for building up resistance against the human body. But there is a one big difference in other fitness products and Perfect Rowing Machines that is enjoyment Rowing Machine is providing, as each part of the body is actively participating in every move of this healthy luxury made from the steel. The rowing machine basically comes under sports as well as the training exercise in its own rights. There is a big misconception that Rowing machine is just the simple ab machines which is not true as the involvement of thigh and belly is just can’t be ignored. While exercising through Water rower or any other rower you simply need not to concentrate fully on exercise, and this is the best part, just goes ahead with your move freely.


Types of Rowers

There are four kinds of rower available in the market today –


Hydraulic Rowing Machines

These Rowers are mostly used in compact places and they have hydraulic cylinders connected to ends and these cylinders provide the necessary resistance.


Magnetic Rowing Machine

They are less noisy among all other and make use of electromagnet power to build against energy. The major drawback is they don’t have an option of variable power shifting.


Air Rowing Machine   

These rowing machines give purest rowing experience and mostly used by the professionals.


Water Rowing Machine

Water Rower is best for the casual users, and their paddles are actually moving around in the tank of water.


How to select a best Rowing Machine

This one is hard to part as choosing a perfect Rowing machine needs lots of expertise based on your needs and for that keep in mind all four types of Rower in mind as they help in categorizing your need. As the number of brands and types are available in the market. Two common type of Rowing machine is Air Rowing machine where air provides the resistance. Those who are not the big fond of water rowing machines can go for Air Rower. Concept 2 Air Rower is a genuine selection to buy as it Cover almost each and every aspect of water Rower. So if you are planning to buy air rower and saw somewhere Concept 2 Rower for sale pick that up without investing a second.


We are expecting that now you are ready to buy a good rower for giving your body a rowing machine workout.


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