ROOCKE Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

Roocke is one of the smart, stylish and slimmest fitness tracker heart rate monitor with black color which looks gorgeous and work well to make one physically fit. It can improve your daily activities that help to be active and cautious about physical fitness.

This is a heart rate monitor with ADI optical heart rate sensors that is used on demand to detect movement and monitor your sleep quality with light-sensitive version of the real-time monitoring of heart rate from which you can understand that how your heart is beating. It’s automatic sleep monitoring option can analyze your sleep quality by measuring the length of your sleep and help you to improve sleep quality based on data about your light and deep sleep cycles.

Roocke is smart enough to track walking distances that how much you have walked a day and you can fix your daily goal. Suppose, you walked average 3k everyday but you want to more like 10k, It will help you to reach your destination or goal by increasing day by day. You will just set up your goal and and this tracker will remind about your workout through the day. It also can calculate your calories that you have burned in a day.

Roocke fitness tracker is touch screen device that is easy to operate with OLED display, Exclusive touch key, find phone and anti-lost reminder that will give you smart alerts when the phone out of range and it will help you to lose your phone. It will provide notifications when calls or meessages come to your phone.

It’s a dustproof and waterproof device that you need not to take extra care or tension in the outside even in the rain. And it is an awesome one that can change your life style.

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