Residential Rehab Treatment Center California: How To Cope With Anxiety In Drug Addiction?

The recovery from drug addiction can be truly challenging because some withdrawal symptoms may arise like anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a mental condition wherein the person may experience frequent worrying for no apparent reason and this reaction may not quickly go away. There are instances where a person with anxiety will have to deal this issue for extended period.

How can anxiety affect the recovery process?

Patients undergoing drug rehab treatment at a residential rehab treatment center California may complain about having anxiety problems. This mental condition can affect the progress of the recovery because the symptoms may cause delays in the patient from joining activities or events due to the following:

• Excessive worry in participating in the events of activities of the rehab facility.
• Getting restless, irritated or tensed.
• Negative thoughts

What causes anxiety?

Addressing the causes of anxiety is one way to help the patient undergoing rehab treatment at the residential rehab treatment center California cope. Here are some of the common causes of anxiety that could prevent full recovery:

• Having to face fears as part of the rehab treatment program could lead to anxiety.
• Trying to improve some life skills while at the rehab facility can be stressful and cause one to worry a lot.
• Social awkward situations may occur unexpectedly during an event or activity.

How to face anxiety while undergoing recovery process?

Most of the programs in the residential rehab treatment center California help the patient cope with issues that may arise while undergoing recovery process like anxiety. If a patient is having attacks of anxiety while joining a social interaction activity, he or she may be required to focus on one activity first and move to the next after mastering that skill. The patient is taught on how to handle his or her anxiety by implementing the anxiety management skills.

How to approach anxiety?

There are different ways to approach anxiety while still in the recovery process according to the residential rehab treatment center California and may include the following:

• Try to avoid situations that will trigger the feeling of anxiety. For example, if you are not ready yet to face your fears, do not be afraid to say “No”.
• Concentrate on the positive. Avoid entertaining negative thoughts that will keep you worrying throughout the activity.
• Reward yourself with an activity that will keep you at bay from worrying like listening to music or calling a friend.

Other approaches to cope with anxiety

Here are some additional approaches to cope with anxiety:

• Get the support of your family or friends to help you when having episodes of anxiety issues.
• Eat a balanced diet and be active because a healthy body will function normally, both physical and emotionally.
• Come up with a to-do list to manage your anxiety like focus on one task at a time, rather than trying to do them all in one go.
• Avoid worrying on events that already happened.

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