Reasons Why Croatia Is a Top Holiday Destination

If you are yet to visit Croatia, then you are missing so much. Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Blessed with a unique culture, superb location and incredible history, it is one of the amazing countries that you can’t avoid to visit.From the unforgettable Game of Thrones scenery to the beautiful architecture and perfect climate; there are countless reasons why Croatia remains an important holiday destination.

Lots of spectacular beaches

Forget about the usual sand beaches. Croatia is all about picturesque pebbled beaches that are lapped by crystal clear water. Among the best-known beaches is Zlatni Rat. While visiting Croatia, expect enormous crowds at the beaches. You get the perfect opportunity to witness different cultures all in one place. The small city of Hvar is a home to fabulous beaches such as Stiniva Bay which is located near the caves offering a perfect sightseeing opportunity to its visitors. Apart from the beaches, there are also gorgeous hidden spots on the Croatia’s mainland such as Nugal which lies South of Markaska.

The magical city of Dubrovnik- The Home of Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik is one of the unique, beautiful and charming cities in the world. The city features the medieval wall built from 15th century to 17th century. The wall provides spectacular views of fortresses, the Adriatic Sea, and the city’s spectacular architecture. The city features in HBO’s series Game of Thrones whose city walls became the King’s Landing. The Fortress of Klis was used for exterior shots of Mereen, and St Dominic Monastery in Trogir represented Qarth.

Croatia has one of the finest amphitheaters

The first-century Roman amphitheater is found in the port city of Pula in Istria. It is one of the best-preserved amphitheaters in the whole world. You should time your visit to Croatia to coincide with its annual film festival usually held in July for you to experience the magical feeling of sitting in the amphitheater and watching live presentations. The amphitheater hosts a broad range of cultural performances and musical concerts during the annual film festival.

The Amazing National Parks

Croatia has eight national parks. Out of the eight, two have been listed as UNESCO’s heritage sites and valuable Croatia property. Plitvice and Krka National Parks are amazing sites to visit. The Parks are famous for their stunning lakes and waterfalls. Krka National Park is located in the remote areas of Southern Croatia. Due to the isolation of the Park, the monks picked the idyllic location to build the Krka Monastery which embraces the areas unspoiled landscape.

The Soaring Mountains

Croatia isn’t all about the sea. The Biokovo mountain range contains the country’s second highest peak, and it lies just a few meters from the sea. Tourists usually rise early and follow the steep zigzagging trail starting from the little village of Makar up to the peak of Vosac which is 1,422 meters above sea level. The route is spellbinding, and it is scattered with beautiful butterflies and amazing wildflowers.

The numerous lighthouses

Croatia has several lighthouses spread across the country. Many of the lighthouses are situated upon deserted coastlines and on small islands providing a magical view of the open sea. The lighthouses represent a significant part of the country’s history

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