Ranking Factor Includes Page Speed Announced By Google

Google announced it officially that the ranking of the page will depend upon its speed at the first index of the mobile. It means that when the visitor is looking for the answers are searching any page, your website should take the visitor directly to the searched page. Your website should be easily and quickly accessible to the visitors, so don’t wait and work on it right now.

Target mobile users

Since many years you are hearing the news that mobile is sooner going to take over the world, which means you will get every access on mobile. To follow this reality you have to work on each detail of making your web page quickly and easily accessible on mobile devices, where everything can be done by people. Though you spend most of your time in front of your laptop and PC, but still you cannot deny the importance of mobile in your life. Today each and every budding company is giving their access on mobile devices on which the public can fulfil their tasks, from everywhere in this world.

For competing with the industry’s big toys, you need to develop your web page and get the high ranking for mobile devices. To attain the goal, you should work on the speed of your web page, which will bag you the top position in the popular search engines. Some tips to speed up your page:

1.    Take the help of ‘Google’s Page Speeds Insight Tool to enhance the speed of your web page

2.    Minimize the size of your web pages to optimize the speed, in doing so try to compress the codes and load fewer ads.

3.    Implementation of AMP on your project to boost the web pages to make your mobile site work on a fast lane

4.    For mobile web pages generally, WordPress is used but to switch them on PHP7 is a difficult task. Therefore to shift every website from an unsupported version of PHP5.2 and 5.3, Yoast has created WHIP project. Switching to PHP7 will boost up the speed of the web page and improvise WordPress.

5.    Always test the Page Speed Insights to understand the blocking of the speed of the web page. Usually, the hindering paths are JavaScript and CSS. Get rid of these.

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