Rachna Sharma Dream Big, Achieve Bigger-

Dream Big, Achieve Bigger- Rachna Sharma an Icon for Dreamers

The days are by-gone when the position of the fairer sex was inside the four walls of a residence and womanhood was defined by women’s contribution only in upholding domestic accomplishments. But with decades of struggle for women’s empowerment in the various sector, they have proved themselves victorious in winning half the sky. Throwing a neck-to- neck competition to the western world, Indian women in modern time are leaving no stone unturned in proving their worth.Like all other prominent industries, women are playing influential roles in the real estate trade proving their skills indispensable in the same. An outstanding figure in this field is Rachna Sharma, entrepreneur of one of the leading real estate companies 333acres. Her journey can work as a stimulus to many women who wish to explore their aesthetic and architectural competence in the so-called male dominated the real estate business world. Often a question pops up in the minds of general populace- how well can a woman run dealing with clients, evaluating the market value of properties, understanding the necessities of clientele and other particulars of the real estate industry? Well, the answer comes unquestionably in the affirmative. For years Sharma has built up her empire with her career graph showing a steep escalation through her meritocracy and sincerity for work. She makes it a point that her clients can achieve whatever they need once they come to business terms with 333acre. Her use of various marketing policies and advice to her clients makes her a brand for trust and dependency in the business sector. Mrs. Sharma started her career with different fields but her journey ended on real estate and social work. Now she is the sole entrepreneur of her own company that has earned repute in developing big projects. The testimonies of her success have crossed the regional border and have spread nationwide. Interviewing the ever smiling outstandingly focused businesswoman, it is known that being a woman who wanted to venture this field, Sharma received a big support from her family and friends. She said, “For me, it has never been a difficult journey so far as my decision of running a real estate industry was supported by my family from the beginning. It strengthened me to take up this challenge and prove my worth and serve the needs of my clients.” She feels women have a natural aptitude for keeping their households organized. They also have a better sense of beautification and understand the domestic particulars than men. Using these talents Sharma is successful in understanding and providing her client’s houses, villas, apartments, plots and even rented accommodation that gives a good value for their money. Being an experienced interior decorator she has renovated a number of old residential houses that are converted to hotels and homestays.She has also won the title of The Planner of the Year 2015 for her unique home plans and successful projects across the nation. Rachna Sharma believes that a person’s achievements are the sum total of her/his ideas and we hope that the reputation she has built through hard work and sincerity will pave the way for women who dream big.

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