Quick Guide to the Best Italian Restaurants in London

If you are looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in London then you are probably at the right place. London is the dream destination for many people across the globe and this includes hardcore foodies – folks for whom a great meal is the ultimate achievement and exotic flavours are enough to turn a sad day upside down! Being the heart of England, London is one of the most beautiful cities. From top universities to Birmingham palace, high-class fashion stores to cultural restaurants, you can indulge in a wide variety of things and it seems that enlightening conversations and Italian food are the best companions during this journey of exploration. Being a multi-cultural place, London has the most authentic restaurants that serve a wide range of delicious cuisines and this includes Italian cuisine.

Remember this while you search for the Best Italian Restaurants London offers
You must have tasted some popular Italian dishes including pasta, tiramisu and pizza but there is a lot more to this genre of soulful European cooking. If you are true Italian food-lover, you will surely have a craving for traditional Italian food in which fresh produce and self-prepared ingredients are the key. There are a number of Italian restaurants in London but there are only few that have mastered the art of cooking exotic Italian cuisine and serve it in perfect Italian style. In this discussion, we will be talking about best Italian restaurants London offers to those with an insatiable appetite. When you are looking for a true Italian restaurant, Soho might be a good place to start your journey.
1. Chucs – right up there with London’s Best Italian Restaurants
Chucs serves as a restaurant and café located next to the Chucs men’s fashion and swimwear. If you are looking for a cosy place then it’s a perfect option for you. Along with great Italian food you will find a small panelled bar, waiters dressed in white jackets that match colour of the seats and décor. All the 50’s fans would be taken aback by Dolce Vita Photographs of Positano and Costiera Amalfitana. You will find a simple pleasure in the food served here. This includes beef carpaccio, lip smacking pizza Bianca with black truffle and classic “Italian-American”- ace club sandwich. For those looking for a pocket friendly option, Chucs is definitely not a good choice. It is positioned as a premium eating place, very Italian, utterly recommendable!

2. 10 Greek Street: One of the Best Italian Restaurant Soho has to Offer!
10 Green Street is a simple yet authentic Italian restaurant in Soho, London. It has a small yet perfectly designed menu. You will get seasonal dishes being served here, including starters like ricotta-stuffed courgette flower with lentils, mushrooms and truffle to chilled asparagus and pea soup with crème fraiche. It is also famous for its unique food combinations like halibut fillet with yellow beans, chilli and garlic with a vivid romesco sauce. You will find more of fish than meat at Greek Street – a serious contender in the short list of best Italian restaurants London shares with global tourists. Tables are closely placed here as it gets a little crowded in evening. The staff is pretty good but they have no-booking policy for dinner. You can book in advance – only for lunch!

3. Rustiko: continues to impress as one of the best Italian Restaurant Soho has!
Rustiko is an independent boutique restaurant, situated in the heart of Soho. If you are planning for an unforgettable dinner at a pocket-friendly budget then you should try Rustiko. Rustiko serves an exclusive range of contemporary Italian dishes, including a variety of freshly cooked piattini sliders, pizzas and pastas. If you are a meat lover then you can try a selection of dishes made with fresh meat and fish, such as chicken supreme and grilled fresh calamari. Apart from great food, you will get to experience good music while sipping exotic wine, as Rustiko has a good collection of funky playlists, hand-picked wines and cocktails.

Decoding the sustained penchant for Italian restaurants Soho has to offer!
London must be occupied with a huge number of Italian restaurants vying for the top slot. Some of them are good enough to the compete with the best in the world but still the comparatively priced-down eating places in and around Soho seem to induce more customer loyalty and repeat visits. Italian eating joints like the Rustiko continue to feature in the list of best Italian restaurants London has—this is because of the vibes Soho exudes. It is very different from an ultra-luxurious Parisian shopping district, somewhat bohemian and yet very classy. Like most eating destinations in Soho that insist of the ambience being good enough to help people relax first and then enjoy their meals, Rustiko too impresses with live music and a cocktail lounge that hosts crowds in comfy sofas!

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