Push Notifications: An Excellent Channel for Customer Acquisition

Whenever we visit a website there is a pop-up right at the center asking your permission to send push notifications. We all have seen this, lately. So, the question arises, what are they?

Push Notification is an excellent communication channel that can be used to stay in constant touch with the regular website users. It appears in the form of a clickable message on the desktop or in the mobile notification tray. Website subscribers that click these messages are directed to-

Blog- Latest blog post, Vlogs or podcasts.

Website- New product page, shopping cart, promotion or offer pages

Feedbacks- Messages asking for customer feedbacks for the availed services or products

Social Sites- Campaigns carried out on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and more.

Achieve Primary Goals of Marketing Campaigns

Push Notifications can be used to fulfill the primary goals like increased product sales, website engagement or wider global reach etc. This channel is an excellent way to-

Convert Web Visitors/Users into Leads, loyal customers or brand followers.

Push notification can be added to a website for collective and holistic marketing efforts. It can be easily used with emailers, newsletters, text message etc.

Advanced Features of Web Push Notifications

Push notification services from provider like PushAssist, offer following key features and benefits for your business promotion

  • Dead easy to integrate with website
  • A mobile application is out. No need of it, save that money for more targeted marketing campaigns
  • Strictly permission based messaging channels, Push notifications are delivered to the subscribers that have given their consent to receive them.
  • Send personalized messages to users
  • Assured timely delivery of push message on desktops and mobiles
  • Subscriber segmentation to broadcast targeted alerts for better lead generation and business sale
  • Deep Insights on user online behavior traits.
  • Easily add big images to your push messages.
  • A/B testing, check which push messages perform the best, option A or B
  • Gain higher website CTR- click-through rate
  • Grab attention, enhance user engagement and website retention rate
  • Effectively bring down your website bounce rate

When can Businesses Trigger Push Notifications?

One of the key thing to convert visitors into customers is to deliver messages that are hard to miss. This what push notifications exactly offer. This message appears in the form of actionable cards and sits on the screen till the users act on it.

So, if the user is interested in the message the may click it. Once the message is clicked users are directed to the desired web page. Or else users must close the message.

Let us check out when websites can send push notifications,

Live Interaction

A website can use push messages to keep the users updated about the latest events. News and publication houses can use web push notification to broadcast latest stories, live scores or breaking news to their subscribers. Doctors can use this technology to help patients schedule appointments, send health tips or medication reminders. Travel agencies can send critical alerts like airfares or changes in the flight timings.

Transactional Messages

Push notification is the one of the quickest media to send transactional messages. Notify users about online payment success or failure, order status, refund, billing updates, account update, sign-up confirmation and much more

Promotional Messages

Online businesses can use push notifications to announce a limited time sale, summer sale, flat discount offers, or gift vouchers and coupon offer to enhance customer reach, engagement, and business sale.

Send exciting and thrilling alerts to users who are watching out for the price drop on specific products. Also, notify shoppers about new wait-listed product arrival.

Engage dormant web users

Push notification is an awesome way to re-engage dormant users. Use it to grab the attention of users and generate interest by engaging them in their area of interest.

Deliver a crisp, exciting, and engaging push notification to users who have not been back to the website for more than 15-30 days. Keep your website on top of users mind and increases the chances of them returning.

If you wish to enhance your website conversion rate in a matter of few months and enjoy success in the long term opt for comprehensive push notification from PushAssist.






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