Providing Fast Bottled Water Delivery

Bottled water delivery is one of the best alternatives to plain old tap water. Waiakea bottled water is enriched with electrolytes to improve and maintain your health and wellness. There are many companies from which you can purchase bottled water, but none have a product as good as Waiakea.

Waiakea provides bottled water delivery at competitive prices. The bottled water of Waiakea also tastes great due to the natural minerals which encourages you to drink more and stay hydrated.

Here are just a few more reasons to purchase bottled water from Waiakea:

Water with essential minerals:

Bottled water by Waiakea contains various minerals such as magnesium, sodium, and silicon-di-oxide that make it pure and healthy for drinking.

Contains plenty of electrolytes:

Potassium and calcium are two of the important electrolytes in Waiakea bottled water that improve its healthy qualities.

Proper pH level:

The alkaline water delivery contains a well maintained pH value.

Rock filtered:

Waiakea water is filtered through rocks that transform the normal water to purified mineral water without any additives. This distilled water originates from the Mauna Loa volcano which is then filtered by porous lava rocks to improve its quality.

Founded in 2012, Waiakea have years of experience and are best known for offering excellent water delivery services along with expanded delivery hours. Waiakea ensures bottled water delivery without any hassle.

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