Protective Measures Considered Before the Removal of Popcorn

When it comes in home renovation, many of us wish someone else could do it efficiently. For parts that aren’t even so important such as a ceiling can be pretty disappointing that you have to put time and energy into it. Especially, if your task is to Remove Popcorn ceiling. Although in this case you have to appoint a professional who can efficiently handle your ceiling. The main and only reason would be the health protection problem. Not all popcorn ceilings are similar, but the previous versions of popcorn texture included traces of asbestos. The asbestos is a substance that has been proven to cause cancer. A skillful professional can know how to test and then remove it with the proper equipment.  So here are three small advice before you conclude to remove popcorn ceiling on your own.

Planning your Final Ceiling is More Important:

Removing the texture from your ceiling doesn’t require much designing knowledge and the method is pretty much similar for all the ceilings. Best of all, the result is what counts and as long as the surface is flat at the end you can remodel the ceiling, however, you want to. It’s definitely more important for you to take the time and determine if you plan on using another type of texture or what kind of paint or even design you would like up there. Who knows maybe you will end up keeping your textured ceiling and simply add your improvements to it.

Reduce Damage to your Drywall:

This is where you should be very careful. Although it is a piece of advice not to spray water on your ceiling because  it is easier to remove popcorn ceiling when it is wet. However, if you spray too much water, you will end up with a bad effect that will cause sagging and ultimately holes in your drywall. If that happens then, removing the popcorn on the ceiling won’t be the only thing you will be doing. You will need a Miami Drywall Repair, which is more powerful and has skilled professionals who can easily remove popcorn from the ceiling without damaging the drywall.

Cover Up:

Whenever you need to repair a room, furniture must be moved, walls, floors and windows must be covered. You should also wear a mask otherwise you can feel yourself working in mines area. With a pair of safety goggles and a protective cover on your nose and mouth can make your work much easier. You also required to cover any open injuries as it may burn a little if the dust settles in.

Popcorn Removal:

Hire a professional who can easily remove popcorn from the ceiling with very less Popcorn Removal Cost. While putting the normal water to wet down the ceiling, it is good to make several exits and then let them apply water to the ceiling. Be attentive that they will not to put too much of water as it can harm the paper surface of the wallboard at the bottom. The water has already done half of the work in the popcorn removal. If you run into spots that required a lot of pressure mentally, physically and also economically.

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