Protective Cases For Your Gadgets

There was once a time when we all travelled light, perhaps popping keys and a wallet or purse into our briefcase or handbag when we left our homes in morning. It was just our wallets and keys that we needed, but not anymore. Today there’s a good chance you’ve got a pricey smartphone in your pocket and a tablet or laptop in your bag. These days we tend to carry all sorts of kit with us – mobile phone, laptop, iPod, maybe even a portable games console. Electronic gadgets are now a part of our everyday lives, which probably leave a few of us lose on their value. But the bill to replace the hi-tech equipment we carry around could run into hundreds if not thousands of bugs.
Why throw money on replacements when you can get your device protected from rip. Bump Armor, situated in Sausalito, California, presents a wide range in protective cases, backpacks and transport bags for Chromebooks, iPads, laptops & tablets. We believe in four core areas of consideration for making any product- Protection, Function, Style and Quality. Our products are made to withstand the rigorous education environment and are totally enjoyed by students, businesses, homes and school systems across the USA.
When protection is talked about, a considerable attention can be thrown towards gadget protection against rigors of the classroom. And so we have designed ipad 2 cases for kids for you to rely on. These are ergonomically designed with style and safety in mind, offering impact resisting material. The Bump Armor iPad case has passed the Military Standard 810G-516.6 Drop Test, so you can rest assured that your iPad is safe.
Bump Armor’s Chromebook Cases offer exceptional protection for schools of USA. Come in a wide range and each with its unique feature. The protective cases from Bump Armor are so convenient in their usage that you can have a worry-less experience of your gadgets, eliminating all the troublesome moments in keeping up with the devices.
Wide ranges in thoughtfully-engineered protective cases for laptops and tablets includes options available for you that come in great protection plus portability. Products include Macbook case also. Bump Armor product protection is achieved through a collaboration with an experienced mechanical engineer, a young industrial designer and direct feedback from market educators. And hence leaving no strays in our adjuration.
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