Prostatitis Medicine – What’s the Best Treatment ?

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at prostatitis medicine and the various treatment methods available.  Prostatitis is no doubt every male’s worst nightmare and to have a thorough analysis of the treatment protocol could prove invaluable.  We will be taking a look at the most common method of treatment and also take a look at alternative treatments that are available.  Prostatitis medicine can vary from patient to patient as there is no one methods that fits all.  It important to follow the correct treatment procedures to avoid relapse of the disease or make it worse.

Antibiotics for prostatitis treatment


After the very first symptoms of prostatitis, the individual usually makes a visit to their GP, whom in most cases prescribe an anti-biotic as prostatitis medicine.  For a small minority, this resolves the problem but for the vast majority this become the beginning of a painful journey.  The protocol works for the few that had acute prostatitis and not for others.

The correct protocol would be to have a urine, semen and prostate fluid analysis, after a 2-week period.  Do not take any antibiotics at all prior to this as it could interfere with the test results.  Thereafter if a specific bacterium is present, it should be treated with the correct antibiotic for that pathogen and not a one fits all antibiotic such as Ciprofloxacin, which is often prescribed without investigation.

This correct method of testing and prescribing could help avoid chronic prostatitis.  Only if the disease is dealt with very early with the correct prostatitis medicine.  This investigatory method is usually not taken up by the GP and one finds that he is now being referred to a urologist, because the antibiotics have not treated the problem. At this stage, roughly eight to twelve weeks’ inn before the onset, all the relevant test are done and the outcome is either bacterial prostatitis or nothing was found.  If a strain of bacteria is found, then an antibiotic for that strain would be prescribed as prostatitismedicine.  Unfortunately, relief is provided for a short period for a large number of patients, after which it returns due to the bacteria being stronger and resistant to treatment.

If the urine, semen and prostate fluid tests are clear, the patient is diagnosed as having chronic nonbacterial prostatitis or CPPS in western medicine.  Some patients continue antibiotics regardless, in the hope of relief where as others resort to pain killers to manage their daily duties.

Prostate Massage and Antibiotics

When no relief has been found, a prostatitis sufferer often looks for alternative prostatitis medicine.  It’s quite common that they will resort to prostate massage and some also take anti biotics at the same time.  Prostate massage tends to provide temporary relief, some time the relief can be as short lived as a few hours.  There is also the added risk of bacteria spreading and symptoms becoming worse due to the prolonged use of anti biotics.

Prostatitis Diet as an Alternative Treatment

Controlling what you eat and resorting to foods that can be beneficial for inflammatory diseases is another way of tackling prostatitis.  Unfortunately, due to the hectic lifestyles we all lead this method proves to be difficult.  There are a number of foods you should eat and also a list of foods you should avoid that can contribute to prostatitis.  Nightshade foods such as Tomatoes, potatoes, chilli peppers should be avoided.  Intake of anti-inflammatory foods such as blueberries, green leafy vegetables and oily fish should be increased.

Homeopathic treatment for prostatitis

Homeopathic treatment for prostatitis is another alternative a sufferer of chronic prostatitis can seek.  You should ensure to visit the doctor in person and take care to establish his/her specialities.  Prostatitis is a complex disease that can be as unique as the individual in terms of the symptoms he is facing.  Therefore, the homeopathic doctor should have a tried and tested procedure in place for chronic prostatitis treatment or else the patient may find himself going round in circles again.

Prostatitis and Supplements

There are many over the counter supplements available for prostatitis.  Regular use of these has helped ease the condition for many sufferers, allowing them relief and assistance in the management of prostatitis.  The supplements that are most commonly used are Quercetin, Saw palmetto, Stinging Nettle and Pygeum Africanum.

Prostatitis and Viagra

Manysufferers of chronic prostatitis find that they experience some degree of sexual dysfunction after the onset of prostatitis.  Along with the management of painfulsymptoms and urinary problems the sufferer is  now faced with poor sexual function.  To counter act this many urologist often prescribe Viagra, something many chronic prostatitis sufferersbecome reliant upon.

Prostatitis and anti-depressants

The prostate which means the protector in Greek is a vital male organ, it is the core as referred to in Ayurveda.  When this vital body part is not functioning as it should It tends to have a very detrimental impact on the state of mind for the person suffering from prostatitis.  No longer are they seeking prostatitis medicine alone, but are now looking for depression remedies.  Many prostatitis sufferers also take anti-depressants as part of the prostatitis medicine treatment plan.  Although the prostatitis medicine list is extensive, it does tend to seem surreal at times.  How can one disease trigger the onset of so many symptoms? and problems that cause dependency on a variety of medication.  It is however factual information that has been continuing for quite some time now.


Prostatitis and Ayurveda as an alternative treatment

At your herbal prostate clinic we specialise only in prostatitis and BPH.  Through our highly skilled Ayurveda doctors and Vaidya’s we have complied formulations to tackle the most severe and symptomatic issues of prostatitis.  The methods used in Ayurveda are unique and relief can begin to be evidenced in as short a time span as a week.  A simple assessment of symptoms and medicalhistory can begin the process.  Lets take a look at what’sinvolved:

  • Briefhistory to include any other medication or diseases
  • Time suffering prostatitis
  • Symptomatic analysis
  • Dietary habits
  • Relationship habits
  • Commencement of treatment

As time goes on and there is little development or attention paid to prostatitis many sufferers are turning to alternative therapies offered by various companies.  To find relief may not be as difficult as one may think.

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