Pros and Cons of Wearing Ear Plugs while swimming

Pros – With the help of Ear Plugs for Swimming which Keeps water out of ears. No more trips to the doctor.
Pros – Makes for a nice quiet swim during pool practices.
Pros – If you are prone to that extra bit of water sticking in your ear for a few hours after you swim, you can prevent it with Ear Plugs for Swimming.
Pros – Nowadays, more expensive bluetooth Ear Plugs for Swimming can be pretty high tech and even give you music to listen to while you swim.

Cons – They are sound-proof. You can’t hear a feeekin’ thing with them in your ears including lifeguards, coaches and fellow swimmers.
Cons – Ear Plugs for Swimming are sound-proof. They can be slightly dangerous in an event because you need all of your senses swimming in a large group for both instructional and emergency purposes. You’ll have to be extra aware if you decide to wear them in events.
Cons – Unless you have a  diagnosed medical condition with your ears, it really is a good idea to learn to swim without Ear Plugs for Swimming eventually.  Especially if you plan to do lots of swimming.
Cons – Just one more thing to remember to put on your race day checklist or in your gym bag with Ear Plugs for Swimming.

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