Proper Spelling is not just for Bees!

We all admire the fifth graders or even junior high and high school students who participate in local, regional and even national spelling bee contests. We are amazed that they have mastered so many words. They compete in a spelling championship of other well-advanced students.

One may ask how they were able to master so many words, even words that they may not have encountered before. The answer is that they have had a firm education in the English language based on phonics. They were able to compete at a higher level than most students.

When it comes to competing in life in the social, economic and career levels, then it is more than just a spelling bee. It is about being able to create the life of one’s dreams on purpose and with passion. Having the ability to spell properly any and all English words that one may use in their life is paramount to this.

The English language is a very complex language. Partly because it is derived from other languages over the centuries and our current English words have their origins in these languages. Knowing the proper spelling of tens of thousands of words is a basic skill that every high school student should have graduated with.

At this point, we are not sure that is the case. In life, one will have to compete at a higher level than fifth grade English. The only way to create the life that one desires is by a firm grasp of the English language. The best way to grasp the English language is to be able to spell each and every word correctly.

Once the proper spelling is achieved, even with new words coming into a person’s life, getting to the understanding of the vocabulary and usage will follow. So competing in a championship spelling bee is exactly what every adult will have to do as they progress through life. The problem at hand is that it is a very subtle competition. It just happens because life happens.

Those with limited ability to spell words, even new ones will soon learn that they are at a huge disadvantage as they move from young adults to full-fledged adults in society. So what is a good solution to this problem?

What if you could remedy this early in life? What if you could remedy this no matter how old your student is? What if you could remedy this even as an adult wanting to increase their spelling ability?

What if you could have your student compete in a championship vocabulary and spelling expertise without all the pressure? This is exactly what happens at Spell Quiz.

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