Project Storm to know about the known

George, a sociology scholar and now a Documentary filmmaker along with his few friends started a research on the curing effects of Medical marijuana or cannabis oil or Rick Simpson oil. George is from UK where the laws regarding the possession of this plant are illegal and can call for prison time. However, after observing an old man who came to buy cannabis oil at the store, he started the project to find out more about the stuff.

The old man was not the only motivation he had. In matter of months he saw several people coming to the store to buy Rick Simpson oil which is usually called as cannabis oil too. He chatted and discussed the reason for their purchase, where they told him about the healing qualities of these oils in case of cancer and many other small health issues. During this project he closely observed 8 different strangers for a period of 18 months to know about the usage and qualities of these oils.

Unlike USA or Canada, usage or the request to buy cannabis oil in UK is quite surprising as it involves harsh penalties from the authorities. “For a short period of time (between 2004 and 2009), cannabis was classified as one of the least harmful substances, earning a Class C ranking. Class C placement means that those caught in possession of the herb will face a maximum two years in prison.” However, “The decision to reclassify cannabis as a Class B drug was made again in 2009, alongside substances like codeine and amphetamines. Under Class B restrictions, any person caught growing or in possession of cannabis in the UK (with the exception of foreigners with a medical prescription obtained in elsewhere in Europe) face a fine and/or up to five years in prison.”

Nowadays people can easily buy kush onlinebut before doing anything to support these people George wanted to be sure in his findings. The project is still not completed and is still in process, yet it has helped a lot of people fighting with the life threatening disease called cancer. George and his friends believe that if these oils and strains have medical healing capabilities then they definitely want to encourage its usage.

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