Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas in India

India is one of the largest consumer markets for companies all around the world. It’s also one of the fastest growing economies. This has opened the doors for small-scale businesses to thrive here. Small-scale businesses are those that do not need much capital to operate and can be set up easily in a short amount of time. These businesses grab on the opportunities that present themselves because of a change in the living style of the people in a small area and has no big company catering to those needs. Here are some latest new business ideas in India for those opting for the small-scale industry.

Customised Jewellery

India is a multi-cultural country with various religions affecting the style and fashion people choose to follow. Jewellery is an easily customisable item that is demanded by the female population and is also gaining interest among the men of India. You could design jewellery in the form of necklaces, earrings and, bracelets according to the needs of your customers. You would need a jewellery- making kit and a creative mind for this operation. Marketing your products will be easy if you follow the digital marketing updates in India.

Stationery Supplies

With a large number of schools and offices coming up in the urban and rural areas of India, stationery supplies are a good way to stay in business all year round. Pens, papers of different varieties, diaries and notebooks, stamps and other office stationery items never go down in demand. This business does not need much capital to start up with and is a good option for conducting a long-term business.

Greeting Cards

Indians are very fond of their festivals and the amount of festivals celebrated here is enough to fill a whole calendar year. Therefore, the demand for greeting cards is very high. The greeting cards business is very profitable as it does not need much investment and can also be handmade to reduce costs even more. It will just need creative skills from your side.

Fast Food

Indians love fast food. The sheer variety of fast food and street snacks that are available throughout the country makes it a preferable option for investment. You need a small place that you can turn into a food counter. The menu can be simple, to begin with and you can add to it later once you learn new things. Go for this option if you are a foodie and cook well.

Digital Photography

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to start your business in photography. You could provide rush ID services such as quick passport photos. You’ll need a good camera, a well-lighted room as well as good editing skills to be good at your job. These services generate demand all the time so it can be a profitable small-scale business for you if you market well and provide the best service in your area.

With no dearth of options in the small-scale industry in India, you can easily become a successful entrepreneur. A small start-up is where every multi-national company had been once. Visit to know more about the latest new business ideas in India that you can opt for.

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